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OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park


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That entrance canopy gives me so much TRON Lightcycle Power Run vibes
Also knowing China, this parks destined to be open for like a week, and then one guy gets the COVID and bam, closed for who knows when
Still there aint no way of denying this park looks marvelous!


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Christmas time has come early for the wooden coaster!

Great Coasters International reveals groundbreaking hybrid coaster

Great Coasters International Inc. (GCI), a coaster manufacturing company recognised for its exceptional wooden roller coasters, has announced that it is building its first wood and steel hybrid coaster in China.

The coaster, provisionally named The Anger of Yeti, will reach 26.2m in height, with a total track length of 789.52 m. Passengers will enjoy top speeds of 78.9 km/h, with a 49.5-degree angle of inclination and a pivot angle of 67.2 degrees.

The ride will run two trains, each with a capacity of 24 passengers.

A unique experience​

The ride’s hybrid wood and steel structure creates a groundbreaking layout and unique experience, with strong aesthetic appeal. Visitors can expect an adrenaline-filled, fun-packed ride.

The ride is located in OCT Xiangyang’s Kunlun Fantasy Land area, which takes its name from the most important sacred mountain in Chinese mythology. Above the snow level, the mountain is home to one of China’s largest glacial areas, which measures over 3,000 square km.


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American Thunder 'clone'? The stats are slightly different, but this section appears to be the exact same as American Thunder. Even has the 2 ledgers extended over the prelift: