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OCT Dinosaur Dream Works| China | Huangshi


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Some concept art and construction photos from a new park by OCT, the owners of the Happy Valley and Visionland parks in China.

This is Dinosaur Dream Works (恐龙梦工厂) in Huangshi and the concept art shows a new Antonio Zamperla Spa Thunderbolt Coaster (interestingly called Lightning Coaster on the map), a Jinma Rides inverting Super Spinning Coaster and a Chinese built SLC.

OCT Huangshi2.jpgOCT Huangshi1.jpg

It seems all art also lines up with the construction pictures with all 3 coasters visible and the Jinma spinner already vertical.

OCT Huangshi5.jpgOCT Huangshi4.jpgOCT Huangshi3.jpg

The park is due to open October 2023 and with China now opening up once again hopefully we will get more new park updates coming through soon


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It's been confirmed the thunderbolt coaster
mentioned in the post above will be a modified longer version of the 01 layout we've seen in New York, Korea and Alabama

The ride will use the new Lightning Coaster cars seen at IAAPA and will be the first installation of Zamperlas new Lightning Coaster model.


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As far as construction photos go this is one of the worst ever. But god these obscure Chinese parks are hard to find images of sometimes.

The Zamperla Lightning Coaster has gone vertical.
Its that smudge over there. Promise.

Edit - A bit of a better image.

The white tower on the left is the Lightning coaster lift hill.

And a shot of the almost complete (but not painted) SLC
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