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New Ride Restrictions

I've never been on the Ultimate and was planning on giving it a go this year (pre Covid19) just to say I've done it. My eldest is coming up to 9 years old and at around 130cm we thought it would be a good time to go.

Obviously we've not been able to go this year yet so I checked the Lightwater Valley website to see if there was a planned opening date, there wasn't. However I did see this page:

This changes my plans as the ride is 140cm now and obviously my son (even with some naughty lifts) isn't going to be able to ride. Not the end of the world unless the park doesn't reopen as we can wait but it got me thinking, is this going to happen elsewhere?

He's currently big enough to go on everything at Blackpool and that's on our to do list for the year. But are the rules going to change and we'll be disappointed? The BPB website does not suggest so but Lightwater Valley are saying this is a change to UK safety regulations. Any ideas?
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My guess is that the change comes on the heels of this accident and that you will only see the change at Lightwater Valley.


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The ultimate doesn't have a "normal" ride manufacturer so probably doesn't have a "manufacturer recommended height" like most other rides so it's probably a bit more open to interpretation. I would imagine that since their accident the park or some outside body has gone through their safety recommendations and suggested the change. I doubt other rides will have their restrictions increased but who knows.


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is this going to happen elsewhere?

Yes - at Movie Park Germany. My son went on the "Mystery River" for one season. This was allowed at 90 cm. In the next season, the attraction was re-themed (without structural changes). Since then, the attraction has only been allowed from 110 cm and my son was no longer allowed to ride it.

Also strange: The attraction "Sea Swing" may only be ridden from 100 cm. The attraction is spinning slowly. Don't go up. But the 13 meter high suspended coaster "Jimmy Neutron" right next to it can be ridden from 95 cm. o_O