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New Mack Prototype


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Thats a good shout, I was thinking spinning launch but then we've kinda already had that but the space shot theory sounds plausible especially with S&S bringing out there spinning/flipping shot


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I'm not sure I 'get' it. The motion all seemed somewhat random for most of those clips, why not just use the free-spinning ones?

I suppose you can program it to do nice things that you couldn't do otherwise. Not 100% sold on the idea just yet...


Agreed, I don’t think it adds much and it comes at a capacity cost. The earlier footage barely had much spinning as well, it really only picked up towards the end of the video.

Why would a park go for these trains over an Xtreme Spinner? Is it aimed at parks already with a Mack launch/mega coaster to add to/replace their final car as a marketing gimmick for a new season? I guess if anywhere was planning a DC Rivals-style backwards seats car, they may as well now go for the full spinning option, but it’s not the most inspiring development from Mack here.