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New IMAscore ride music for Troy


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Not sure if this is truly newsworthy but Troy at Toverland is getting some new ride music from IMAscore!

Pro: New IMAscore music.
Con: It means the fab old music will be no more!

Preview of new music:

Source: IMAscore's Facebook
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Coaster Hipster

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That's actually newsworthy! I like the new soundtrack :) It's nice to find some parks care about their older rides and still make the effort of updating them.

Mysterious Sue

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As much as I love the old cheesy song, this is fab and does the ride proud. Can't wait to ride it again now. Goodbye to Troy (Troy).


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Amazing news. Finally that horrendously grotesque pathetic excuse of a "song" is gone and Troy has gotten the music it deserves. It will definitely enhance the atmosphere around the station, which has always been extremely flat compared to Joris en de Draak and Wodan.


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That is really sad :( I hope they keep the old soundtrack in some form.

The new IMA score is "ok" I guess. But it does not compare at all to the old catchy tune, which does suite the park and it's audience a lot better.