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Overseas Chinese Town Group recently started construction of Liuzhou Overseas Chinese Town in Liudong New District, Liuzhou city, in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. It is Liuzhou’s biggest tourism project with an investment of 3 billion yuan ($481 million).

With a planned area of about 220 hectares, the project includes a cultural tourism science and technology experience park, a cultural and creative industry base, and a cultural square.

The experience park will cover 53.4 hectares and have an investment of 2 billion yuan. Designed by IdeAttack, a top global design agency that specializes in cultural theme parks, the experience park will have attractions with themes such as modern technology, science-fiction, myths, legends, history and culture. The experience park is expected to open in May 2014. The park will be able to handle up to 2 million tourists annually.

http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/m/guangxi/ ... 034985.htm


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Any news on if this will have any coasters? As a Happy Valley Park, I assume so?

I'll keep this in news and rumours until we have confirmed coasters.


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Is this a Happy Valley park though? It may be the same company that owns them, but they do a lot more than just the Happy Valley parks.

Nothing in the original post, other than the company involved, suggests a Happy Valley park at the moment.


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Been following this for a little while but there's bugger all info out there. I may be wrong but I think the first stage is just a Casino. But it looks like eventually it will be a whole complex including a theme park. Either way there's no real info out there that I can find at the moment. Just things like the post below.

I believe there IS a new HV park coming soon and it will have a new GC woodie but I dont know where it is yet :(