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New Busch Gardens Williamsburg height waiver - coaster rumour 2024?

Lori Marie Loud

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Surprised nobody made a thread about this yet. A prescient rumor is this is going to be BGW's attempt to one-up Iron Gwazi with a new RMC. Watch this space.

OH - and for the mods, if there are any Drachen Spire threads, do not merge them with this. This and Drachen Spire are very different projects.
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I mean, this just feels odd. Does BGW need 3 coasters in 3 years? At this point, I feel like BGW is getting bloated. Unless they are preparing for a lot of removals....


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Its a shame Drachen Spire has got such short shrift. I loved the original plan for that ride before it got downgraded to that weird shuttle. Would have been quite something to do the Cheetah Hunt tower but so high up.
But i guess if they get a massive RMC it will make a lot more people than me happy 😂