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New at Legoland: rides, sea life, roller coaster & hotel


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It's good to see new investment, but I'm concerned with the fact that some of the new additions really don't have anything to do with Lego. According to the site you linked to, the 4D cinema has apparently added Bob the Builder to the list of shows, in addition to the Sea Life aquarium. What the hell do either of those have to do with Lego?

After visiting Legoland Windsor last year, I was rather disappointed with the place, and I wasn't entirely sure why. I had fond memories of Legoland Denmark, which (many years ago) really was a Lego-centric attraction - it had rides, but the Lego theme was prominent throughout the park. In my mind, Legoland Windsor felt like more of a generic park with Lego in it. Sure Miniland was really impressive, but the Lego theming throughout the rest of the park seemed at best half-assed. I'm concerned that future plans include more generic attractions, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see whether they continue to develop attractions with a stronger Lego theme.


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Same here. It seems the park is focussing less and less on Lego every year.
It all sounds good but why does it need a hotel?
It certainly needs a new coaster as there's only three and they're all average, even for families.

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It needs a hotel the same reason Chessie does :lol:

I would assume the Sea-Life will be the same as the Atlantis ones which have cropped up in the other parks...

Apparently most of the new attractions will be in Wild Woods and Land of Vikings...

But can we really follow these MDTPs like a Bible? No... Most of the time something gets changed but they are definitely looking at a new coaster on a similar scale to Dragon I am told...


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Ollie said:
It all sounds good but why does it need a hotel?

I work in Holiday Inn, Reading (South). Legoland website links to us for hotel stays. I can tell you, first hand infomation, Legoland gets well over 100 people staying with us every weekend over the season (Last sunday breakfast was 285 people, we can say half were legolanders). In the height of summer over 200 a weekend, 250, i wouldn't be suprised if it somtimes hit 300... Seriously big market for us and we're over 40 mins drive away! People will stay there.

Legoland also links to many more hotels than just us, imagen all those people going and staying at legoland itself... 180 rooms doesn't seem big enough to me.


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It all sounds good but why does it need a hotel?

Have you been to Legoland in peak?!

You normally need at least two days to do everything. I know to my brother, his wife and kids also stay over the night when they go.

Also i disagree that legoland is moving away from lego. . . For all we know, this sea life thing could be lego intensive... not to say that the fish will be lego, but i'm sure that things inside the tanks will be lego...

Also, yes they have bob the builder (who just happens to be something
that kids love), but they still cycle through other lego themed films in that cinema don't they?

What i really don't like is how it seems that legoland is getting all the attention, attention that i think other parks need more!


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If Legoland does get a hotel it means families are more likely to stay for more than the one day and thus spend more money. It may also increase admissions to CWoA or even Thorpe as they're all pretty close together. Maybe a two-day pass for these parks could even be an idea?

When we went Legoland before GF last year I was really disappointed. I felt that there were hardly any rides and that a lot of the place needed revamping.

However the newer additions like the Viking rapids ride were really well executed and the theming was top notch for a family park. More attractions and ride make-overs are exactly what this parks needs to excel in the recession.

I don't really know what to make of these sea-life things popping up everywhere. Obviously they're working otherwise Merlin wouldn't have decided to add more but I'm not sure whether I like them in a theme park.

Also on the note of the interactive attractions, these definitely seem the way forward in the theme park industry, expecially in reference to family parks. Whether it be a shooting ride like Tomb Blaster or just an interactive play area like at Alton Towers these seem to be increasingly popular with families, especially those with younger children and so I can see this is definitely a good investment for legoland to be making.