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Most Painful Rollercoasters & Flat rides


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troikaX3 said:
The only boomerang I've ever been on is Invertigo at Kings Island, and I hated it, specifically going backwards. Too intense for me.

I agree it is an intense ride. I liked it, but I can see why people might think it's too intense.


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I'm changing my answer from Furius Baco to The Ultimate.

I rode it the other day for the first time and to be honest I'd quite happily say that it's the worst "large" coaster that I've ever been on. As far as I could see, absolutely NOTHING about that ride was correct in any way. The trains were horrific, the track looked like it was hammered into shape, the restraints were wrong, the seats were wrong, the wheel assemblies were wrong and even the lift hills were wrong! The train managed to jump about going up the lift hills! How the hell did they manage that?! I honestly felt like all of my internal organs either swapped places with each other, or they were going to fall out of my ass when I stood up to get out of the train.

Granted, it IS a special ride, and if it were executed properly then it would've been great. Unfortunately, it wasn't...


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^ Agreed I had my first trip to LWV on Monday ( I have written a report but haven't got round to posting yet, it will be up tomorrow at some point) and The Ultimate nearly broke both my knees, I love the intensity of the ride but it really is painful being slung around so much.

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well i havent actually been on many painful rides, but these are the ones i would say:
Wood: gwazi (before the new style of train)
Steel: G force (the restraints are horrible!)
Flat Ride: Pendulum at drayton manor? only once was it painful, but when you are hanging upside down and the blodod is in your eyes and it feels like your whole head is going to explode, it is kinda painful...

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actually reading another post, the wild mouse at blackpool is bad... On yourself it is painful, but when somebody is in front of you and you go down the hill and they headbutt you in the face and you come off the ride with a nose bleed... its a little painful....

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Ollie said:
Josh73 said:
I found the Hollywood, Rip, Ride, Rockit at Universal Fla. to be very painful.
This. I was shocked at how bad it was. It's pretty new and it looks so smooth but when you're riding it it's pretty rough and the restraints hurt (although not as much as G-Force).
i disagree, i thought it was quite smooth when i rode it a couple of months ago, and the front as good!

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dropthefloor93 said:
No need to double post buddy, there's an edit button right there ^ :)

Oh sorry, I have only just started posting in forums, so excuse me if i double poste... ill remember the edit button next time :)


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Grand National - I want to feel the love that everyone else has for this ride, but it's just too bad for me. Rather than graciously pulling up from the bottom of each drop, you feel like you hit the floor hard and your spine takes the force.
Ultimate - Rough, but we all love it that way :p
Wild Mouse - Way too fast for those turns, but that's what makes it awesome
Gwazi - AAAaaaaaaaaa... :(


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When sitting with a person bigger than you on the inside of the car, then those spinny ships at Chessy are painfull as hell! I had bruises on my side from it...


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Wood - Probably Grand National, yet I still love it. (fanboy)
Steel - The Big One, when I rode it on the live it was awful. I'd rather go on Infusion than that thing. (Although I don't mind infusion at all)


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Flat; Quantum- Thorpe... Whenever I go on it, I seem to come off feeling as if my intestines have been forced behind my spine due to the restraints...
Steel; Corkscrew- Flamingo Land. I honestly thought I'd stabbed my neck with my ear taper... Ouch.


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Steel - Anaconda at KD. When I went a couple of weeks ago I avoided riding that one because I knew it would give me a headache.
Flat rides - I don't even remember what it's called but I don't really care to remember either. It might have been called Xtreme or something like that. It was at a traveling fair. When I got off of it, I could hardly walk. It also went so fast that I couldn't see sh*t while I was riding it. I didn't enjoy it at all.
Wood - I don't really mind the roughness of wooden coasters, so yeah.


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Easily, Vleermuis (Bat) Plopsaland for me.
A caripro suspended coaster that has a brake run that ensures you will not have children. I could not breathe for about an hour after my first go.

I can handle most rough coasters to be fair. I come with natural padding so im good for Wooden coasters.

As for flats there was a scrambler for Cole & Sons fun fair that was a single metal lap bar restraint across the 2 of us. everytime we went upside down my head smaked the cage I had 3 lumps by the end of the night..