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More bites of Big Apples: 2023 - Gull & Hull


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West Sands Fun Fair

Time to take a short break from the fancy stuff and get down and dirty.
Drove for 40 minutes through intermittent bursts of rain so heavy you couldn't see the road.
Sat in the car park for 30 minutes while it was chucking it down.
The rain eased slightly.
Walked up to the cred as a couple of staff members were starting to come out of hiding from the weather. No one else around at all.
"Do you wanna go on that?"
"Yes, yes we do."
"Sweet, I don't know how the brakes work but I know a man who does."
Several more staff wander over and between them are able to meet the criteria to take our money and get the ride running.
Got 3 laps.

Highlight: Got the cred.
Lowlight: Got wet.

Better than Nagashima Spiteland.

Here's a little game for you:

Spot the mistakes.
I count 4.


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I'd argue 5, Attendant, You're, OK, too and arguably Mt, 1.2 mountains is pretty high. Mostly see just M, can't remember seeing a Mt recently.


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A cred's a cred - I remember having a similar experience getting this one, also in the rain, probably being given more laps than I wanted and having to park awkwardly outside a nearby shop.
I like the grammar spite, but my favourite thing about this report is that it has nothing to do with New York :p


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May as well turn this into a general UK down and dirty thread.

Flamingo Park

Popped in to Hastings while ‘in the area’ for work on the off chance of catching the cred.


Whole park was closed, even though there were about 1000 tourist teenagers (and seagulls) in the immediate vicinity feasting on fish and chips. Surely they could have made some money out of that.

There were a couple of people inside doing painting, maintenance and stuff.


I wasn’t allowed to aggressively beg for them to open it.

Did spot an even more pathetic looking ride in a storage area next to the park that clearly wasn’t ready yet.
This has since appeared on RCDB, so might be double points next time at least. It may also have become the best Flamingo-based park in the country by then.


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Bit of a fun weekend in pursuit of some previous spite:

Day 1 - Fantasy Island

Odyssey (pictured in yellow) is a hard creature to catch, finally managed it this year. Had some mild excitement for it, as it’s reasonably unique and it’s big innit.


Well it rides like sh*t. I simply resorted back to my zoned out defensive mode and that was that. At least it's done.


Millennium (pictured in yellow) remains an offensively smooth mince around the park and the nearby streets.

Couldn’t resist Seaquarium, the fishy dark ride thing. Got the song stuck in my head again. A classic.
I forget the rest.

Botton’s Pleasure Beach
As nice as the staff were last time, this park was down to a 5 minute job, from the previous 15 minute job.
Needed Queen Bee. Got Queen Bee.
Did the ghost train cos it worked out with a token deal. Wasn’t great.

Mack's Amusements

The wrong Mack unfortunately.
Sketchy looking thing on a beach:

They closed down early for the day, in front of our face.
Didn’t want the money.
You win some, you lose some.

Day 2 - Pettitts Animal Adventure Park
Nice little park.


Nice little ride.



Spent some time looking at raccoons.


My reaction to yesterday's spite.

Joyland Childrens Fun Park
Didn’t make it here last time we were in Great Yarmouth. Can’t remember exactly why.
They pack the rides in tighter than I do.


Another WGH for the collection in the form of Spook Express. Jellikins may make that collection hard to complete.
Quite good use of space, being above everything else. Few laps and a bit of an ‘indoor section’.


Did the tubs. Hilarious. Vicious. Don’t agree on the Coaster Count stance on this one when it’s pretty much the same logic as:
Did the snails. Hilarious. Vicious. ‘Undefined’. Not a cred.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Popped in for the first Wacky Worm I’ve ever reridden, albeit 15 years later. Friend needed the cred. Not as good as I remember, but very enthusiastic staff is always a plus.

Took a token lap on Rollercoaster. Be rude not to.
Tivoli killed these things.

There’s still time. What else can we squeeze in? Against better judgment, Clacton.

Pavilion Fun Park
Got out of the car just as Hurricane Irma was hitting the East coast of England.

Shouting through the wind:
What is this? Nagashima?

Battled through a sandstorm and walked to...

Clacton Pier
Stella’s Revenge was that she was also spiting.
However, the ticket bloke managed to phone up a member of staff to run Wild Mouse Coaster for us, in adverse weather.

Finally got my ‘most confusing cred name’ cred to my name.

A reasonable amount of success in there. Still plenty of loose ends to keep me out of trouble though.


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Pleasurewood Hills is in Suffolk :p
Pettits is surprisingly fab (and oddly welcoming to goons) but sorry to hear about the weather related spite in other places.
I still need that bloody thing in Cleethorpes; I sat it out back in 2010 because I thought I already had it, before later realising I was wrong >:C
Flamingo Park also continues to evade me. Maybe next year.


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Following recent trips I feel I am ready to start up my own Coaster Crate business.

Box 0 will contain the following items:


A rain damaged Nagashima Spite Land map.


A used drinks cup from Tivoli Friheden.


A half used Movie Park Germany Fastrack.


A Dino Rampage postcard from Fantawild Wuhu.


A home made comic about Wallace & Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic dark ride with an interesting take on the plot.


A foam ball from Dennis’ Madhouse, Chessington.


A Pettitts Animal Adventure Park receipt with a Joyland Snails sticker on the back.
(with potential savings of up to and including £6, and more!)


And the main event: a framed screenshot of an apology email from Merlin.

How many orders shall I start with? 100?


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I had one for a long time, a souvenir of the foam ball fight we had at GhosterForce '08.
No idea what happened to it though...


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Time to get this thread back on track and no doubt generate more interest than DC Rivals.
Surprised it's so early, but turns out places actually open in February!


They obviously get very busy with it.

A hideously early start for a winter weekend landed us in the car park somewhere in between park opening and ride opening for:

Milky Way Adventure Park


All the rides you could ever want.

Kicked off to a fantastic start, with a very enthusiastic staff member giving us a highly detailed explanation of the park map, planning out a little itinerary for our day including a show at 3pm. Didn't have the heart to say we'd be gone by 11:10.
Took particular note of the speech about the wacky worm, saying that for those not brave enough for the big coaster, adults are always welcome.
Great to hear such thoughtfulness when a fair few parks in this country try and make you feel bad about taking a harmless ride (or even flat out refuse you). One day society will accept us.

This highly detailed explanation led to us immediately getting lost. The park has a very weird layout, forcing you through certain attractions including Dr. Who and pink R2D2 (what?), then down corridors that look like a school and into doors you don't feel you should be opening.



Stumbled outside and bagged our first cred of the day.


Standard stuff. Spent most of the ride in a battle between keeping the park map safely in hand and protecting said hands from the bitter cold.
Reminds me I'm back home when I'm freezing my arse off in a park.


Made a beeline for the worm and as if by magic, the operator appeared, coffee flask in hand.


Now had 17 minutes to kill before Clone Zone opened. Decided the maze sounded like the best way to do this, but managed to navigate through the hedges much easier than the actual park.


Magnificent looking specimens.


Seeing that we couldn't contain our excitement, they opened a couple of minutes early and led us through for a quick safety chat. The assumption was made that we wouldn't get scared, but make enough noise and the aliens will go away.


The walkthrough bit was a good laugh and I like the way you get a tour guide giving you a bit of back story and a scare or two. Got attacked by an alien near the end as the host made a swift exit, presumably to go run the ride. The best noise I could manage was a mild 'oh no!'.

Weird contraptions these bat flyers, particularly in powered form. I rather enjoyed the exposed feeling as it pitches about accelerating and deccelerating in hilarious fashion. Scenes and animatronics were great too, just all ended a little too soon.


Almost ended, had to ungracefully manouvere the tunnel at the end.

All done then.
Grabbed a £1 voucher for Big Sheep on the way out, though we knew their cred wasn't open today. Have to stay one step ahead.


Back on the road to Credit-on.

With due dedication, we had done our research and the other park with available creds in fickle February was:

Crealy Adventure Park


We even had an email confirming said creds would be open, playing it so smart.
Wait, what's this?


Can't escape the spite.

Have to grab things while you can in this game, so soldiered on anyway.


Roman soldiered even.


Vekoma Junior with a shed. Name might oversell it a bit.

Bit more significant in comparison to Shark Bay though.
Was told it was difficult to get. It wasn't. +1!

The Paultons-fed dinosaur craze in UK parks has reached Devon too. We're blatantly worse for copying stuff than China.


Fearless seagull.


Gave their version of the dinosaur ride a go. Gotta get your moneys worth from these places.


Started off a bit budget, but it had another shed and some animatronic ones near the end. A reasonable attempt.

Not quite the perfect success we were hoping for but a +5 is a step in the right direction and a great way to kill a day.
Should only need 1 more trip down this way to dust it all off... but I'm far too cursed for that.
Your move Big Sheep. I've got my voucher. I'm ready. Are you?

Mysterious Sue

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Fab. Genuinely love Milky Way. The staff are so nice, it's a bit kookie and the indoor dodgems are just fantastic. Clone Zone's queue is like a mini Nemesis and the effort they've put into it warms my heart.


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Your move Big Sheep. I've got my voucher. I'm ready. Are you?
Gotta start this off with I can't believe I forgot the bloody voucher...



If anywhere needed a voucher, it was this place. I'm always saying 'I've done worse', but struggling to think of an example right now.


WENT for the BUZZZZ! ...on Britain's most Southerly COASTER.


Having a walk-on Vol Don't Care was a novelty and they were hauling as much arse as its counterpart, running 3 trains for about 3 people.


Was quite fun watching other trains buzz around while on it.


Had a quick browse of what else was on offer.


Figured Skyraker001 was worth a shot, one of those SBF bouncy things that offers some mild tingly feeling.


Wandered into a spinning tunnel.


Wandered into some dinosaurs.

Wandered out. Not a fan of this place as a ticket costs the same as a Blackpool wristband, there's really not much there, but hey, it's done. Next.

Camel Creek Adventure Park


This place was nicer.


Home to this beast.


Some other beasts.


Good to get another obscure manufacturer cred on the list. Train was cute and the ride was a good laugh.


Wandered into this place, which housed 5 little 4 seater simulator pods in front of a big screen, with about 30 chairs straight out of a school hall placed behind them for the 'non-thrilling option'.

The film was Red Beards Rapids (as promised) and was another good laugh.


This place had animals as well (didn't see any camels though) and felt like a much more well rounded park, so good job. Next.

Big Sheep


Cornwall left behind us and Devon seems much friendlier in comparison. As with Milky Way earlier in the year, got an enthusiastic run down from admissions staff of all the things on offer in the park. Was also asked if I wanted any sheep food. I'm alright thanks.

Follow the arrows to the cred.


Ride operator on this was great, really going out of his way to acknowledge everyone and make sure they had a good time.


Ride was fun, if just for the weirdness of the layout.


Was indoors in its original location and now it's just up in the air doing its own thing.


Those super long trains make back row quite a thrill as well.



Some sheep appeared, just to remind us where we were. Think they were doing a practice lap for the race later, also pissing on the track to add an element of danger.




China, can't escape it.


Not much else on the ride front here, but seemed liked a good day out for people. Next.

Funder Park


Final leg of the trip and finally a Wacky Worm to make the tale worthy of this thread. Something heart warming about those faces.


Bought some tokens from a dog.



Got 3 laps of goodness.

That was fun(der).


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Exciting (or harrowing) news! 2 shiny new creds have hit the UK.
But before we get to that, need to squeeze in a little visit here.

Animal Farm Adventure Park


For the second time in a week, I've been asked if I want to buy any sheep food. What sort of impression am I giving.

The park is home to a quirky Caterpiller.


This model features magnetic brakes that are working far too hard, so the operator has a bit of a work out to get the train through the station for each of the 3 laps.

Reminded me of this scene for some reason.

Important stuff out of the way, went to see some animals.


Reminding me of Pettitt's now.


Sheep are rather scary bastards. Something about those eyes.



What's in the shed?



Admiring the hair do.



Didn't think llamas coulid have such cute faces outside of animation.


If sheep and goats aren't scary enough for you, they've also got a reptile house.

So just down the road, on the beach at Weston-Super-Mud, this place made its contribution to the world only a week ago. And what a great name.

Funland at the Tropicana



For the second time in a week, bought some tokens from a dog. This one was inside someone's shirt, so no picture unfortunately.


10 hours seems a bit of a stretch, but who am I to judge?

As I climb aboard my third Wacky Worm in a row.


The paint was still shining and it glided effortlessly through the station.


This one had teething troubles and, for a brief moment, thought it was going to spite as they evacuated 3 cars from the station and told everyone to go try something else.

This is the same part of the country where we camped out a certain Pinfari looper that was broken for 3 hours, so unperturbed, settled in for the wait.

2 minutes later, following a spanner to the brakes, each car was sent round once and it was back in business. Well that was easy.


Used to these being run down and falling apart, making it an unusual experience to ride it in fancy new trains. Gave quite a good run, not blocking at all until the final corner, but definitely missing that sketchy spark.

So there you go. No need for Icon and Wicker Man. Have at it.