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Mexico at Epcot: Coco Could Replace Gran Fiesta Tour


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Over the years, even after the addition to new animatronics, Gran Fiesta hasn’t held it’s weight in crowd control. When it isn’t a holiday weekend, Gran Fiesta sees minimal waits and most boats float half full if not empty all together. The overlay would use the existing boats and ride layout minimizing construction costs and permits as this retrofit would just need set pieces implicated into the show building.

Just hear-say and all that jazz i think at this stage but what you guys think?
More images and write up can be found here
also here Parkineer


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It took me a while to realize just what ride at which park this thread was about. Context, my friend, is really important. I hope it was okay that I changed the thread title.

As for the news itself... mixed feelings. I loved the Fiesta Tour, because I have some particularly fond memories of the Three Caballeros Donald Duck comics by Don Rosa, but I'd be the first to admit that it's not for everyone. And Coco is one of the most beautiful animated movies I've ever seen. It was a great hit and would be well beloved by the masses at Epcot, probably drawing crowds to the Mexico pavillion. The upgrade seems appropriate and could result in a really spectacular ride.


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Yeah this has been rumoured for a while but it always felt more like fans asking for it than anything with merit. The artwork is 100% fan made. That being said I wouldn't be surprised if we do see something Coco based in the future.

I'll point out that Epcot is also the park with loads of money being thrown at it at the moment and Coco is getting the least chatter.
- Canada and China 360 degree films being upgraded.
- Space restaurant being added next to Mission Space
- Guardians
- Ratatouille
- Possible Mary Poppins ride (maybe a carousel?)
- Possible new country pavilion (Brazil)
- Entrance area re-do

I think even Spaceship Earth is getting a big overhaul in the next few years.


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I feel this park desperately needs new ****, at the moment it's just ****ing useless.