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Martin's Fantasy Island

Youngster Joey

Strata Poster
So I have passed Martin's Fantasy Island dozens and dozens of times and I've never been there. So to anyone who has been to Martin's Fantasy Island is it worth going?


Giga Poster
I hear Silver Comet is actually pretty decent for a wooden coaster, not sure about the rest of the park but I'd go either way.


East Coast(er) General
Staff member
Yes, it's worth going to.
Silver Comet, which is a good woodie, & the mouse are worth it for the credz. The star flyer is great for the views & they have a mega Disk'O (if you like them). I want to go back just to check out the new Mind Warp ride. The canoes are also a relaxing break & if you go during the summer, the water park is a cool relief from the heat.


Giga Poster
Never been there but I have been on Loop Fighter (or Time Warp as Martin's Fantasy Island) and they are SUCH amazing rides. Very forceful and disorienting...

I bet the wooden coaster rides well.


Strata Poster
Silver Comet is really, really good and totally worth it.

That's about it though.