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Major Rides At Your Local Park You Always Skip?

Y. Kim

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This 360 Zamperla Frisbee ride called Klake VideoCapture_20210921-000704.jpg Every weekend , it makes a long line+ low capacity. The line flows all the way back to midway, and never seems to end. Estimated wait is just 120 minute. No. I'd ride B&M 2 or 3 times instead. That day I hit B&Ms 3 times in just 2 hrs though it was very crowded.
That queue under Valkyrie testing is JUST the queue of mere frisbee ride on last holidays. I do not hate that, but the line and the low capacity it has always makes me not want to ride.
When it's 0-5 min wait, then I go.
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Think next time I get to Europa Park I'll just skip Euro-Mir altogether. Genuinely one of the worst coasters I've ever ridden, and I've given it enough chances that I don't see the need in putting myself through it again.

Was probably going to start doing the same to Kanonen but it closed anyhow, so...

James F

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Think next time I'll get to Europa Park I'll just skip Euro-Mir altogether. Genuinely one of the worst coasters I've ever ridden, and I've given it enough chances that I don't see the need in doing it again.

Was probably going to start doing the same to Kanonen but it closed anyhow, so...
How can you not love that lift hill?

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As we know, Alton is my local - and I've realised there's actually a surprising amount I tend to skip over, perhaps because I'm local and have a pass, so fairly often just stop in for a few hours when I'm bored.

I actually have no idea when I last rode Rita - that's because it's one of my least favourite coasters in the country. It's uncomfortable with nasty restraints, has a tedious layout and an even more tedious queue.

I tend not to bother with Smiler either (I made a point of riding last week since I actually couldn't remember the last time I had done) - similar reasons to Rita - the queue, both indoor and outdoor is horrendous to spend any amount of time in and I don't particularly enjoy the ride.

I've nothing against Spinball or Galactica and would probably do both if I was on park for a full day and it wasn't really busy (I haven't done Spinball in forever thanks to the stupid single riders rule) - but those tend to fall by the wayside on flying visits.

No real objection to skipping the signature rides at Thorpe or Blackpool either, if I'm honest.

...not my local park, but seconded that if I had to ride all but one coaster at EP, it'd be Euro Mir that got skipped, because it's rubbish. Not a big fan of the water coasters, except to look at, but they're probably preferable.


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I don't really skip any of the major coasters at SFSTL, but when I go to SFGAm, I usually skip joker. Doesn't seem like a ride I want to wait 45+ minutes for, which is what it was all three times I've went.


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Since I now live down the road from Thorpe Park and have visited 4 times this year already, I can finally crown it my home park (in your face, Brean!)

It's the flats I tend to avoid at Thorpe. I never rode Slammer. I've never ridden Vortex or Zodiac either - and I can't remember the last time I rode Samurai.

Of the big coasters, I usually skip, skip, skip Colossus. My life is enough of a headache as it is!


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Vortex isn't that bad, particularly at this time of year when it's all lit up, it's just that it's not Maelstrom... or even Eagle's Claw!


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Alton Towers and also Galactica, and Spinball for the same reasons.
Also happy to give Oblivion a miss if the park is too busy. Not that there's anything wrong with Oblivion but I usually skip it if the queue is longer than 20 mins and the single rider isn't open.
Something about that queue going up in circle immensely bothers me to wait in line for.


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You skip Rush?


No, I rode Rush twice this weekend! I've always got time for Rush! (Both the band and the ride)

I was just pointing out that the majority of rides I skip at Thorpe are flats, I don't skip all of the flats :)


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Often going to Hersheypark, and having SFGADV even closer, there are two coasters (and one flat ride) I absolutely cannot stand.

HP: Wildcat. Some people do like this ride I believe, but the one time I went on, I had a massive headache (same Roar at SFA, but that one was worse by a hair simply because Wildcat has "cat" in its name).
SFGADV: Green Lantern, my least favorite coaster; ever. I abhor standing coasters. Unironically, the flat ride I hate also has you standing up, and that's Swashbuckler. My friend, one day, convinced me to go on, and I got so dizzy I almost passed out. I just really don't like standing on rides.


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I guess my local would be Thorpe, and the skippables are either whatever incarnation of X is there at any given time (I did give Walking Dead a chance...) and Darren Brown which was awesome the first time, a major let down the second time and just not worth the wait anymore.

Aaron Smith

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Skull Mountain, Green Lantern, Ka (it's usually down when I'm there or the line is too long), and Dark Knight

Cedar Point:

Corkscrew, Cedar Creek Mine Ride


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I always skip Mr. Freeze reverse blast at SFSTL, it doesn't do much fro me, but all the GP rave about it so I get some odd looks when I ay I don't like it lol.

Rob Coasters

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It's been pretty common of me to skip Swarm at Thorpe now, and I've made a deal with myself to never ride TWD again until it gets a significant glow-up or a retheme. Haven't touched that thing since 2019. Storm Surge too, but that's a decently fun rides that just gets unacceptably long queues.

All the other rides get fairly decent ridership from me.


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Blackpool pleasure beach.

I could easily skip any of those coasters depending on the day. Rarely ride infusion if ever. Also skip steeplechase, big dipper, nick streak and even big one sometimes unless they’re all walk on that is.

I’d go as far to say icon and revolution are the only two I ride without fail. After that I’ll either hammer the dark rides or go home early. Poor coasters in my opinion.