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Major Rides At Your Local Park You Always Skip?


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A few of us went to Towers on Sunday, mostly in the name of Oktoberfest but also because it's been a hot minute since I've been to a theme park and Towers is always glorious this time of year.

To our surprise we found the place to be quite dead, and as such we had a fair bit of time on our hands to get off the beaten track a little and ride some attractions we usually skip.

First of these was Galactica/Air. I don't love flyers because they make me feel like blood is rushing to my head and my hair gets in my face, but I did enjoy Galactica with VR (mostly because I think the music distracted me..) It was cool and novel to get back on it after I don't even know how long, but not something I can imagine myself queuing for ever.

The next was Spinball Whizzer. Again, I couldn't tell you the last time I rode this coaster, mostly because it usually has a hideous queue and I much prefer its southern counterpart. For some unknown reason we decided to do it twice back to back and subsequently ended up feeling slightl nauseous the rest of the day. Ah, that's the other reason why I usually give it a miss - slightly too spinny for my liking!

So what are some major rides at your 'local' park that you never ride, and why?


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Big One at BPB, long queue to then get a beating, so I don't bother usually.
Recent back seat walk ons in the dark excepted.


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Thorpe Park
Colossus. Painful ride, usually with a longer queue than most other rides on park. No thanks.

It's a shame as I quite like the quad rolls.

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* Ice Blast - not a very interesting ride after you have done it a few times, quite weak in comparison to other versions as well.

*Steeplechase - ouch

* Grand National - double ouch

* Grand Prix - I enjoy it, but its low capacity often results in an unreasonable queue time.

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Flight of Fear - These Premier spaghetti bowls aren’t the most comfortable, and this one in particular always has an ungodly queue. I got on it on Sunday and don’t really plan to do it again.

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Great topic @nadroJ!

I know it isn’t my local park, but I’ll use Alton Towers as my pick here, as it’s the park I’ve done most by far.

I wouldn’t say that I go out of my way to “skip” anything, but in terms of things I don’t prioritise, I’d probably have to agree with your two of Galactica and Spinball, and I’d possibly say the same about Smiler too. None of these are my favourite coasters (I used to really quite like Galactica, but my recent ride made me go off it a bit), and they often either have long queues (Smiler & Spinball) or are frequently broken down (Galactica).

I did skip Rita for about 4 years, but I rerode that last year, and I’ve really quite liked it ever since, so I can’t really throw that one into the ring anymore!


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Thorpe Park:

Saw and Colossus. Have ridden both, but find the resulting headache / nausea spoils the day. I'd rather just ride Stealth 3 times instead.


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Carowinds - Nighthawk. Not only does it always have a long line, but I find it painful and unpleasant. I re-rode it this past Sunday to give it a second chance as I had a Fast Lane pass so it was walk on. Major mistake, not only was it painful, but it gave me a massive headache. Now it sits firmly dead last on my list of coasters behind several long defunct kiddy coasters that I barely even remember.

Six Flags Over Georgia - Dare Devil Dive. It always has a long line and is low capacity. It is a great ride, but just not worth the wait to me.
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Kings Island
- for obvious reasons. I rode it once earlier this year just because it had been years. It's still trash.

Flight of Fear - I like the ride, but the capacity stinks, and it always has the longest wait in the park. And as I said in the thread about uncomfortable restraints - no.

Top Gun (I mean the Bat, but I still think of it as Top Gun). I genuinely love this ride, but the queue such a hike, and it's over too quickly. I never really feel motivated to queue for it unless it's a walk on.

Cedar Point
- it's an iconic, short, boring, uncomfortable ride. It's been a few years since I've made it back to CP, but it's been at least a decade since I last rode Corkscrew.

Power Tower - Ok, not really a major ride, but it IS a 300 foot tall structure, so that's notable. It's fine, there's just so much else to do. I remember riding this thing, but I honestly have no idea how many years it's been. Usually it's a skip, unless I happen to be walking by and the queue is literally empty.


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If there is any reason not to ride Loopen at TusenFryd, I usually take it. Bad weather, other stuff I'd rather spend the time on, any queue whatsoever, any dizziness or lightheadedness, or if getting to that corner of the park involves a detour. However, the ride is extremely short and is usually a walk-on, so I usually end up taking a ride. Vertical loops can be fun, after all.

SuperSplash is another I skip if the weather isn't stellar. Norway is not the place to be walking around in wet clothes, even in the height of summer.

EDIT: Oh, and Thor's Hammer. The only reason to ever re-ride that thing is if the rain is pouring down for a few minutes and you need to kill some time before the shower ends.
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Alton Towers and it's Spinball Whizzer for me too - horrible queue, uncomfortable and potentially nausea-inducing. It's easily the worst coaster in the park. I will only go on it if I'm there with other people that want to ride it.

I was also there with my wife for Oktoberfest last week and we completely skipped X-Sector as she won't ride The Smiler (and I'm not really bothered about it) and neither of us are huge fans of Oblivion either. Skipping that area and Spinball certainly reduces the amount of walking you have to do! :D


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Ah, the perfect Orlando topic. Living across the street from Universal (really) i skip *a lot* of the majors either out of dislike or just laziness.

Skip every time -
Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (gross)
Shrek 4-D (gross)
Despicable Me Minion Mayhem (meh)
Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon (worst thing the park has ever built)
Fast & Furious: Supercharged (same as above)

Skip most times -
Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts (terrible as a coaster, poor as a dark ride, and I don't like HP from the get go so, meh)
The Simpsons Ride (Love me some Simpsons... but the ride is.. bad)
Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl (meh)

So basically, everything at the park but MIB, ET, and Mummy at USF


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Oh boy my time to shine.

Dare Devil Dive at SFOG is straight up one of the most overloved coasters I have ever ridden. Line is always garbage, and the ride itself is very meh. Honestly, ship it to SFStL and put something better in the spot. Hell bring back Deja Vu.

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My local park is Great Adventure which is almost odd, considering it's such a hassle to get to from NYC. Still, I'm able to get there multiple times each year (and I imagine I would've visited more than twice this year if Toro wasn't down and Jersey Devil was operating more reliably), and I tend to skip quite a few coasters in pursuit of rerides on El Toro (and Ka/Nitro/Devil to a lesser extent). However, I'd say the ones I skip the most tend to be Green Lantern and Superman. At least part of it is their inconvenient placement. As someone who actively dislikes Green Lantern and feels relative indifference towards Superman, it just seems like too much hassle to have to deal with the lockers and relocate to that corner of the park, seemingly a bit too far from either Ka or Toro to want to keep those lockers.

The other I always want to ride yet tend to skip is Bizarro. Again, at least part of it is the placement: a bit too far from Toro for its own good. But it's probably moreso because I just forget it's there. The blessing and curse of a park with such a great lineup. Weirdly, I almost always get a ride on Dark Knight?!? Guess it's all about placement for me. If I can just hop on with stuff in my locker close by, might as well.


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At Carowinds, I tend to skip Nighthawk (still haven't ridden it), Vortex, Carolina Cyclone, Flying Cobras, Hurler, along with most of the other coasters and flat rides... I mainly just prioritize multiple laps on Fury and Copperhead Strike, occasionally riding a few other flats or coasters if the lines aren't long.


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I tend to skip Valkyria, unless it has a really short line or single rider line is working. It's not a bad rid. Most enthusiast would dream of having a pretty good drop coaster at their home park but it's kind of boring and doesn't do much for me. When you have the Helix, Balder and Lisebergsbanan trio Valkyria just feels boring. It's also incredibly popular with the GP and gets quite a line.

I also skip Atmosfear when I'm alone. It's a great drop tower but it doesn't do anything and if you already have done it a couple of times it doesn't have anything new to offer. I would rather get another ride on Helix than riding a glorified elevator. When you're with mates it can be a great experience.


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At Disneyland, I skip Iron Man on most visits now. It's just not a massively rerideable thing and I sometimes get off feeling a bit nauseous. There's also a bunch of stuff I've never ridden (Dumbo, Carousel, Orbitron) which are definitely iconic Disney staples, but I don't really see as major attractions to be honest.

Before it closed recently, I'd always skip Dragon at Ocean Park. I think in about 20 visits, I maybe rode it 3 times. Awful piece of s**t.


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At Carowinds, I tend to skip Nighthawk (still haven't ridden it), Vortex, Carolina Cyclone, Flying Cobras, Hurler, along with most of the other coasters and flat rides... I mainly just prioritize multiple laps on Fury and Copperhead Strike, occasionally riding a few other flats or coasters if the lines aren't long.
Add Intimidator to your multiple laps list and I'm right there with you. Ride Nighthawk once for the cred and never again. Last Sunday I managed 27 laps on Fury, 9 on Intimidator and 3 on Copperhead Strike.


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When it comes to Alton I would often skip Smiler because the last few rides I had on it were so rough and I get stapled by the end. However I recently visited Towers with my sister who for some weird reason loves the Smiler, so I went on with her and it was actually great and potentially the best ride of the day. I won't be so quick to skip it in future!!