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Lost Island Theme Park | Iowa | 2022 (Kanonen relocation)


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I really didn't enjoy the ride when it was at Liseberg. It was incredibly rough as soon as you rounded the top-hat, so I hope that's been sorted out - it is pretty much the park's premier draw so it needs to be pretty good.
I'd say they haven't. If you look at the zero car and the passenger car itself, you can see it shaking like a ****ting dog.

Completely agree with you, too. I didn't like it whatsoever when it was at Liseberg. It wasn't even the fact that other coasters there dwarfed it or anything, it was just a genuinely **** ride.

Youngster Joey

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So much whinig in here. The ride was a LOT of fun when I rode it on the 18th and the park is just incredible. Best coaster in the world? no of course not but it's FAR from awful