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Lightwater Valley - Future?


Hyper Poster
Do they own the land under the track? They could be selling it to whoever owns the land inside/around the ride. Maybe they were waiting for an offer or waiting for land prices to come back up after covid?

If they don't own the land under the coaster, the lease could have been due for renewal and they decided it wasn't worth it?


Mega Poster
Very sad to see that footage and photos.
I'm glad I managed to get on it twice in 2019. I believe that was the last year of operation.
Even then LWV looked sad and mostly a reflection of better days I guess.

The Ultimate was a coaster I was always wondering about ever since the days I was working as a tech support technician in 2003-2004 and in my spare time was looking at all the coasters I wanted to ride on RCDB. (Don't worry I took most of the calls in my team so wasn't slacking :cool:)

The Ultimate was very rough indeed, and not exactly a comfortable restraint, but the part through the forest was so unique. Perhaps something could have been done if a coaster enthusiast with big bucks owned the park: new track & trains or even a ridiculously long RMC conversion. There seemed to be a lot of potential for all the space and to perhaps create a proper holiday getaway. It is quite sad we don't see this happen in the UK anymore due to various reasons.

Taken during my visit on June 23rd 2019: