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Lets Get Launching No Limits 2 Contest


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Lets get launching, From today to the 30th March you have too build a launch coaster, No voting process but must be supported and must include some 3DS or some terrain editing... No thing special other than that, but make sure you can send the and that it is NL2. I will be picking my top 3, and tose 3 will each have a video on my Youtube Channel...

Get building guys!


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I'm not trying to sound like a dick, but this is a very poor way to go about hosting a contest. The first issue is that there is already a Coasterforce sanctioned contest running and everyone is already committed to that. The next issue is that you did not gauge the community on whether anybody would be interested in this contest. Thinking back on all the successful contests, each one was led by a veteran member who polled whether there was enough interest for a contest. These members then organized and ran contests with a specific, successful format and clear instructions.

You are not the first to try and run a contest in parallel with an official contest, but you would be the first to have a successful unofficial contest. I suggest that you try and get involved with the official contests if you'd like to run one.