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Merlin announced this all this week (alongside that state visit to Manchester of the Chinese president)

Merlin Press release said:
As part of the joint venture, Merlin and CMC plan to develop a LEGOLAND Park in the Shanghai area and target the roll out of various Midway brands throughout China. The new Midway opportunities to be explored by the joint venture will include both the adaption and localisation of existing and proven Merlin brands, such as ‘The Dungeons’ and selected ‘LEGOLAND Discovery Centers’ for the Chinese market as well as the development of new Midway brands and concepts including ‘DreamWorks Tours – Kung Fu Panda Adventures’ and others.
Source : http://www.merlinentertainments.biz/news

Webstuff ;

http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mark ... nghai.html


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*Blows off massive amounts of dust*

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Aaaanyway, I decided to have a look around some old-but-still-stickied threads, stumbled across this one, and decided to check if there were any more news. And lo and behold, there is! And it's only four months old!

Posted by Merlin on November 06, 2020:


Merlin Entertainments today announces that it has entered into a formal co-operation agreement with the Shanghai Jinshan District Government, CMC Inc. and KIRKBI to develop a LEGOLAND® Resort in the Jinshan District of Shanghai, China. This follows the signing of a framework agreement in November 2019, announced as part of the China International Import Expo.
Under the terms of the agreement, all parties will form a joint venture company and contribute funding to the construction and development of LEGOLAND® Shanghai. The total project investment is expected to be approximately $550 million. Construction of the project is planned to start next year, and the Resort is expected to open in 2024.
LEGOLAND® Shanghai will be one of the largest LEGOLAND® Resorts in the world and will incorporate a 250-room fully themed hotel on opening. World-leading creative, design and construction teams will work together to create an immersive theme park, drawing inspiration from famous scenic spots in Shanghai, Jinshan District and the town of Fengjing. It will be located in the Jinshan District in south west Shanghai with a two-hour catchment of 55 million people. The region comprising Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui has an estimated population of 220 million.


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Lol the last post in this thread occurred 16 days before I joined the site. Talk about a bump.

Not really one for Legoland parks but it certainly looks promising.


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And here's a ground breaking update:



Sourced via: https://www.shine.cn/news/metro/2111178321/

A particularly interesting quote:
Notably, it will be the first LEGOLAND park to have a famous LEGO product line inspired by a timeless Chinese legend.

Based on the classic novel "Journey to the West" and its 500-year-old character Monkey King, "Monkie Kid" is designed to connect Chinese children with their heritage and unleash their creativity. Based on the popular book, the resort will build a unique "Monkie Kid" zone that takes in references from traditional Chinese architectural style and China's iconic natural landscape.

In total, the park will feature eight themed areas covering most of the signature and popular attractions and rides of LEGOLAND parks around the world – LEGOLAND Creative World, Brick Street, Bricktopia, LEGO City, LEGO Friends, LEGO Ninjago World and LEGO Castle and the newly launched LEGO Monkie Kid – creating a diversified and immersive theme park experience for both local families and tourists.


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Thanks to theme parx for this news https://www.themeparx.com/legoland-shanghai/

Several tenders have popped up giving away manafacturers for various rides

Most importantly confirmation of a B&M coaster for the park here

a mini roller coaster from Zamperla here

and some sort of Mack ride which seems to be a flume (Torrent Emission Ride Equipment is the translation anyway)

Other rides include a viewing tower from Sansei S&S and Lego Ninjago Dark Ride from ART


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Confirmation of the ride types and winning bidders. Keeping in mind this is the only park that doesnt feature the launched wing coaster that seems to appear in the other 2 locations.

1. Lego Factory Adventure Ride Winning bidder: ETF Machinefabriek BV (Netherlands)
2. Depot Aircraft Winning bidder: Guangdong Golden Horse Amusement Co.
3. Jay's Gravity Training Winning bidder: Guangdong Golden Horse Amusement Co.
4. Lego Cruise Winning bidder: Guangdong Golden Horse Amusement Co., Ltd. (China)
5. Building block carousel winning bidder: Guangdong Golden Horse Amusement Co.
6. Lantern Ride Winning bidder: Guangdong Golden Horse Amusement Co.
7. Ring Ride Winning bidder: Garmendale Engineering Ltd (UK)
8. Torrent Winning bidder for launch ride: Mack Rides GmbH & Co KG (Germany)
9. City train Winning bidder: Metallbau Emmeln GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
10. Rescue Academy Winning bidder: Metallbau Emmeln GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
11. Rider Showdown Ride Winner: Metallbau Emmeln GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
12. Big Block Roller Coaster Ride Winner: Bolliger & Mabillard Consulting Engineers Inc. (Switzerland)
13. LEGO Ninja Dark Ride Winner: ART Product GmbH (Germany)
14. Surfing Winning bidder: ANTONIO ZAMPERLA SPA (Italy)
15. Mini Roller Coaster Winner: ANTONIO ZAMPERLA SPA (Italy)
16. Magic Bike Ride Winner: ANTONIO ZAMPERLA SPA (Italy)
17. Boat School Winner: SB International AB (Sweden)
18. Driving School Winner: SB International AB (Sweden)
19. Junior driving school Winning bidder: SB International AB (Sweden)
20. Sightseeing tower Winning bidder: Sansei Technologies, Inc. (Japan)

Interesting that the mini coaster is from zamperla and not Zierer and also I can't see a mention of the larger Dragon coaster in there at all


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Interesting that the mini coaster is from zamperla and not Zierer
According to RCDB, Merlin’s been buying up the Zamperla Gravity Coaster in earnest with three Dragon’s Apprentice’s at their new park projects in Dubai, Japan, and NY, plus one originally in the draft Peppa Pig Park pipeline before Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster was conceived. It would appear that this was also present in the Shanghai blueprints.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but is “Torrent” to be a Mack Rides launch coaster of some form, as it says “winning bid for launch ride”?

This was the Legoland park that was missing a B&M family wing coaster, wasn’t it? So could the Mack launch coaster be a “replacement” for this?

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Finally some more info. This will be the smallest of the 3 announced Legoland Resorts in China.

Here's the park plan.

View attachment 13652

A quick look around shows the park ditches the launched coaster seen in Sichuan and Shenzhen but keeps the SFC
Their master plan shows a flume ride to the east of the main hub. That's probably the Mack "torrent". Also, the list provided by @roomraider might be incomplete, as this plan clearly shows a dragon coaster at the southernmost tip of the park. Or might there have been some recent changes in plans?

Edit: Interesting enough, unlike the other Chinese parks, neither does this feature a Mythica area and Flight of the Sky Lion.
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Sorry for double posting, but since it's been several months since we last had any major news on this:


Merlin's CEO and the LEGOLAND divisional director visited the construction site recently. The map shows the Ninjago area as "TBC". Might the whole area be on the chopping block?