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Legendia | Lech Coaster | Vekoma Bermuda Blitz


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Holy ****! That is a masterpiece!

When I saw the first drop, I was watching wide eyed, but I went a bit narrow eyed through the tunnel thing...it looks crap..BUT THEN! Everything fell into place. The bits around the castle are amazing; the pace, the turns, the head choppers, the surprises...and that TREE! THAT TREE! I really, really like it.

I need to lie down.


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Looks fab! It may just be shaky camera work in the video but I get the impression this ride is going to age well. These new Vekomas do look fab and smooth at the moment but this is still Vekoma we're talking about....

Plus, if the maintenance levels on their other coaster is anything to go by, this may yet be proven.


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Some of the older Vekoma's are still running absolutely fine, so I have absolutely no worries that this will too.

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Source: Vekoma's Facebook page

Night rides will be absolutely stunning!


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Amazing light package too?

Yep, this is now my top bucket list coaster. Screw Fury and Lightning Rod, I need this baby in my life.

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Man, that first drop looks brilliant. Thanks for sharing the video Mushy, but stop making us all jealous. :p

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Hmmm... wonder why they've changed it? Maybe for similar reasons to why WWGLC's vests were changed?


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They were running 1 train ops last Sunday and I didn't see a 2nd train. The restraints are perfect, they are slack and don't tighten at all.
Stupidly good airtime but the drop in the back left is ****ing fantastic, I actually think It's my favourite drop in the world, similar to EGF but has the added bonus of a theming struture to go though. Badass.