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Least favorite coaster you have ridden?


Giga Poster
Tulireki is probably objectively the worst one I have ridden. A coaster of that size ought to deliver some reasonable thrills but it just does nothing, is surprisingly rough, has a poor throughput, and its USP with the tilting cars is barely noticeable.

It must seem even worse by comparison now that it has Taiga wrapped around it.

The roughest I have done by a mile is Montezum but I still enjoyed it.


Mega Poster
Temple of the Nighthawk easily. Never felt so sick. The ride was dark, hot (it was August and the ride is unventilated) and that combined with the boringly gentle motion of the ride was awful!

Coaster Cinema

Mega Poster
Excluding Kiddie/Family Coasters

1. Mind Eraser - Six Flags America
2. Sidewinder - Hersheypark
3. Ninja - Six Flags Over Georgia
4. Green Lantern: First Flight - Six Flags Magic Mountain
5. Time Warp - Canada's Wonderland
6. Soarin' Eagle - Coney Island
7. Wild Beast - Canada's Wonderland
8. Manhattan Express - New York New York Hotel and Casino
9. Shockwave - Kings Dominion
10. Goliath - Six Flags New England
11. Wildcat - Hersheypark
12. Coast Rider - Knott's Berry Farm
13. Sea Serpent - Morey's Piers
14. Tidal Wave - Trimper's Rides
15. Bat - Canada's Wonderland
16. Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
17. Boomerang - Six Flags St. Louis
18. Looping Star - Jolly Roger at the Pier
19. Rollies Coaster - Morey's Piers
20. Mean Streak - Cedar Point
21. Boomerang - Knott's Berry Farm
22. Hurler - Kings Dominion
23. Doo Wopper - Morey's Piers
24. Anaconda - Kings Dominion
25. Mystery Mine - Dollywood
Apart from kiddie coasters and the obvious SLC clones and Vekoma Boomerangs, Titan Max comes to mind for me! It was hilariously bad, deserves to be where it is today.


Donkey in a hat
I'm well aware I'm in an absolute minority here but I ****ing hated it, nothing about it I found enjoyable.

Finally, somebody on my wavelength. It was bloody awful, wasn't sorry to see it bulldozed in the slightest. Rest in pieces, Mousey.


Roller Poster
The only coaster I’ve ridden that I genuinely disliked to the point where I’d never ride it again was probably Turbo (the Pinfari looper on Brighton Pier). I don’t usually mind rough rides (Colossus is genuinely my favourite ride at Thorpe) but that was beyond horrific and nowhere near exciting enough to be worth the pain ?


Giga Poster
In no particular order:

Coaster Express, Parque Warner
Green Lantern, Six Flags Great Adventure
Tornado, M&D's
Goudrix, Parc Asterix


Roller Poster
Its a tie between Hero at Flamingo Land or Condor at Walibi Holland. being the first SLC constructed its strongly in need of a swift bulldoze, quickly followed by the rest of them. Hero could be made slightly less horrendous by the use of a full body bubble wrap suit.