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Back row is an absolute must. There are elements that will challenge your trust in the restraints even after ten-odd rides, in a good way.

The Dive Drop(or whatever it's called, the turnaround) is that moment for me, every time I wince but it feels so good :D

Nicky Borrill

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@Nicky Borrill had the pleasure of my repetitive screams of "******** hell, it's done it to me again!"
He actually made me spit diet coke everywhere when he came off Hyperion and said pretty damn loudly something along the lines of “that ride just does things to me that f***ing scare me.” I just burst out laughing after having taken a sip of my drink. Funny moment.

Nicky Borrill

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Lech coaster - Brilliant first drop, probably one of the best out there. It feels like somebody took the big one drop, but perfected it. insane grey out forces on the bend after the first inversion, and then lot of other good moments... Was this the first time I’ve felt real good airtime on a Vekoma? Trying to think of other times and can’t. (9/10)

Hyperion - Amazing first drop, great mix of floater, ejector and twisted/sideways airtime and some good positives too. That dive loop is absoloutely stunning, pulls you in completely the wrong direction. There is a rattle, but only under certain (as yet unknown) conditions, most of our rides were smooth, and even when there is a rattle, it’s still insanely good and pretty much unaffected due to the comfortable seating and restraints. Top 5 coaster for me (10/10)

Zadra - Another insanely good first drop, sensational speed, also a good mix of different strengths of airtime. That zero G stall is filthy, the sensation of looking straight up at the ground as you coast over it is nothing short of magical. The more I rode this, the more it delivered, definitely better (for me at least) later in the day when the forces pick up. Prefer the back, purely because of the pull over the drop, but choosing between front and back on a coaster this good is like choosing whether you want your £1M lottery win paying out via bank transfer or cheque. Another top 5 for me. (10/10)
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On sunday I went to Walibi Holland with my girlfriend. I've been there in may 2017 and the only thing that changed is that they closed down the wooden coaster Robin Hood and let RMC do their thing on it. Untamed was the main reason for this trip as I heard so many good things about RMC coasters but didn't have the chance to ride one. Now it was set to be my 100th count. Unfortunately there was rain all day but the crowd level wasn't too high and we were prepared. We had quite a bit of fun. :)

As Untamed had some issues a week ago we went there first. And in the afternoon the coaster had some issues again. They removed the second train and the waiting times increased a lot!
Anyway... this coaster was really unique to me. Right out of the station you head into an outward bank. The only moment when nothing is happening is the lift hill. Whereas that's not really true as well since it seems to be a bid shaky. When you enter it it seems to struggle a bit with moving the train upwards. But it speeds up and then you head into a quite steep first drop. After all it's full of unique elements that look kind of strange but ride really smooth. In the end Untamed has several small but forceful air time pops and feels just great! I was prepared for everything but didn't have an issue with the restraints at all. Awesome coaster. Really liked it!

Goliath is quite the opposite of Untamed. Huge elements and not a lot of fast changes. It's a bit higher on positive g-forces and ends on some longer air time hills. It's a really good match for Untamed as both are bigger coasters that do really different things. After this my girlfriend says she's not really into airtime ?‍♂️

XPress: Platform 13
I really love the theming of this ride with the subway tunnels and the appropriate smell. The ride itself... The launch is cool, the first inversions are snappy but after the first (abscent) mid course break run it just meanders around a bit. The surprise in the final break run is cool though and fits the theme perfectly. I still have to experience it as Rock'n Roller Coaster (or Iron Man)

Speed of Sound
A boomerang with onboard audio. I'm not really into this kind of coaster but I guess it's okay. My girlfriend again said she likes higher g-forces better than airtime. Okay. To each his own.

The only family / child friendly coaster at Walibi Holland. A Zierer Tivoli. Nothing special. Brakes were quite strong.

Lost Gravity
Interesting coaster with simple but effective theming. It features several interesting elements but the minor outward bank is a bit ridiculous with Untamed in the same park. But it works in the layout. I liked it and it didn't feel as much rattle as the last time I rode it. Most likely I just had an unfortunate seat at that day.

(El) Condor
As far as I know it's supposed to be only Condor for a few years now, but all the signs I saw in the park still said El Condor. Whatever it's the prototype SLC and it's supposed to hurt really bad. I have to say I "saved" my girlfriend from Limit back when we were at Heide Park this summer since she didn't like Big Loop. I talked to her and warned her without going into too much detail but she said it's a count (I might've infected her with a virus). We went front row. And it was as I remembered it: not too bad. There is some rattle but if you are prepared and know what to expect you can manage to have a fun ride on this thing. Now throw all your stones!

No coaster: The Clinic
VR attraction with simulator and special effects. We only had to wait for about ten minutes without any upcharge. It was a quite unique experience. Thought it would be something scarier. But it was fun and only mildly dark. I like the hospital presentation. That's done really well.

On our way back home the next day we visited Slagharen. Off-season, monday. The park was basically empty. Since we own season passes from Movie Park Germany we didn't have to pay any entrance fee but only for parking. We rode the coasters multiple times, went on the dark ride and the ski lift. It was fun but lasted only about 2 hours.

Mine Train
A Vekoma junior coaster. Nice family coaster and quite tall for younger children. Nothing special but since the whole park is western themed there has to be some kind of mine train coaster.

Gold Rush
It features the Gerstlauer rattle. The rattle is more present in the back but it's not at all bad or anything. The ride is better in the back because you're upside down in the final dive loop after the backwards launch. They layout features quite a lot of ups and downs. It's a nice coaster for such a small park.
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When I rode this last year, it was catapulted into my top three. For some reason I couldn't work out if I preferred it to Helix or not.
Well I visited a few weeks ago and now I've made my mind up: it's out of my top three, just behind Helix, Zadra and Hyperion.

The ride is still amazing, and the whole Klugheim area is absolute perfection.
But for me Taron doesn't offer enough variation.
I understand Phanta didn't want inversions, but a hidden vertical loop or final zero-G roll would have really helped.
And after experiencing the insane drops on Zadra and Hyperion, I feel Taron misses just one decent drop.



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Picked up a couple of new creds for me at Walibi Holland yesterday.

Untamed: Was a little slow out of the box by RMC standards, but by the afternoon the trains were flying round. The back is ridiculously good. New entry in to my Top 5 European Coasters.

Lost Gravity: Quite shaky at points, and given it's only three years old that's a bit alarming. I really don't get the hype for this one. It's not bad, but it's not setting the world alight. The weird theme was ace, however.


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Zadra, just now.

Park is dead, waiting to half fill the train. First dispatch ive even seen in half hour here.

Obviously "slow" this early but still pretty fab. Slow stall was immense.

Queue line sucks tho.

Its no Vengeance (shorter) but its up there. Might spend a while doing this now


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OK, spent a couple of hours riding it (more accurately, spent a lot of time walking thru the queue for it (not queuing, just walking thru)).

Its very very good - that stall is excellent, possibly best element ever.

Better at the back than the front, but still excellent up front. Top 10 easily (if I did such a thing anyway). Off to ride Hyperion for a bit now, see how that holds up ;)


Nice to see some more positive feedback for Zadra, I'm so excited to ride it next weekend.

Did you do the horror mazes there David? Any good?


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No didn't do mazes - they run on staggered schedules thru the day, allegedly because its the same peeps staffing them all, so would not get too excited for that - were biggish Qs for them too. Fair amount of pumpkin theming going on and a few roaming actors in the Dragon Zone (but maybe that was just actors on their break?). There was also a parade at the end of the day, didn't see that either, was riding Zadra, which is excellent later in the day.

(Also Hyperion did not hold up )


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OK I'll elaborate. Rode it last year and it was fab then, really smooth, very enjoyable. Think I rode it 4 times last year, front, back and a couple of randoms - was good every time.

Rode it 4 times yesterday, first time back row middle seat - was ok. Bit rattly. Next was back row left wing seat - first half was ok, but second was genuinely awful, very shaky, made me nauseous. Next front row, also left wing - ok, but still rattly on the second half. Lastly somewhere in the middle on the right wing, awful again.

I hope Energylandia have kept their receipt and can get it fixed under warranty.


OK I'll elaborate. Rode it last year and it was fab then, really smooth, very enjoyable. Think I rode it 4 times last year, front, back and a couple of randoms - was good every time.

Rode it 4 times yesterday, first time back row middle seat - was ok. Bit rattly. Next was back row left wing seat - first half was ok, but second was genuinely awful, very shaky, made me nauseous. Next front row, also left wing - ok, but still rattly on the second half. Lastly somewhere in the middle on the right wing, awful again.

I hope Energylandia have kept their receipt and can get it fixed under warranty.

I thought exactly the same tbh - back row wing seats are really unpleasant after the floater hill.
Not Furios Baco level yet, but heading there. It's a shame because the first few elements are fine.


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Despite Linnanmäki being (practically) my home park, it took me until the 2nd to last day of the season (19.10) to visit this year and finally ride on Taiga. Unfortunately, I only got in one ride because the light carnival is a busy time and I wasn't about to abandon my friend for 45 minutes more than once. I intended on riding it again when the queues would die down near midnight but unfortunately they closed the queue at 23:15 or so, so about 45 minutes before park closure which was at 00:00.

In any case, I had expectations that I would thoroughly enjoy this coaster but it wouldn't blow my socks off like Kärnan or Colossos did. I was wrong. Instant number 1. I queued for the front row and I of course can't know if it was worth it since that was the only one I did, but holy it was just relentless airtime, hangtime, speed and whippiness, absolutely fantastic. No, the theming isn't Phantasialand level but it's better than average and the setting is great, what with the coaster being mostly on the cliffside and the rest being above the pathways and other coasters of the park. Compare this to my other 2 top 3 coasters, Kärnan and Colossos which are both effectively plopped on a field. Oh yeah, sick soundtrack.

The restraints really did help, Kärnan has good restraints but they do come further down during the ride and are more restrictive. On Taiga I barely felt restrained, honestly, so much freedom and I just felt out of control, these newest gen Intamin restraints really are the best.

I've heard some people comment that it seems to slow down at points, and I do get the feeling those are the people who ride coasters so commonly to a point where coasters just aren't fun anymore and they're to a point where they have casual conversations on thrill rides, and I've realized that I'm at risk of this happening if I keep riding coasters at every chance when I noticed some thrill rides weren't thrilling anymore. I want to keep coasters fun to me.


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I queued for the front row and I of course can't know if it was worth it since that was the only one I did
Try the back next time you get the chance. I liked it there the most, particularly for the exit of the top hat.

I've heard some people comment that it seems to slow down at points
Clearly these are fools. I think you'll find all rides slow down at points. Physics.

Taiga <3


Scenic Railway - Dreamland in Margate UK


Built in 1920 this is the oldest roller coaster in the UK. Was down for 8 years due to fire (arson?) but back and looking brand new - continuing to spite the housing developers with its 100th birthday only a few months away.


I found this a hard ride to photograph, took a while for trains to come round and I forgot my brilliant idea of going on the Ferris wheel. Was too busy alternating with this and the new spinny rides they have. Dreamland must have been baron before the 9 ride package from Zamperla (a Thunderbolt would not be the worst thing to happen to this place)



The train is absolutely bizarre and I love it. A wooden bench with a lapbar, shoulder seatbelt and a massive metal grating on the latest generations.

The best bit is the dragon carving at the front of each car - mild roarrr. And yes, that is taking into account the on board ride op controlling the brakes to make sure it does fly off over the hills.


Not that there was evidence it could do so, being by far the gentlest wooden coaster I have been on (nothing like the ones in Scandinavia at all). Very pleasant to ride, mostly smooth while still fun, especially if you like wood.


Two cable lift hills, both followed by a double drop, and the layout repeats and loops round itself with the 2nd section being a bit taller. Lights trace the edge of the ride which I’m sure looks fantastic after dark but the park closes at 5pm.


I hope the low crowds I saw yesterday bring in enough to keep this place going and expanding. Will need a new reason to return for the closed kiddy. Nice place though.


Finally, if you want a stiff drink head out of the park to the Glass Jar which is right next to the large sandy beach which must be glorious on a warm day.



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I had a pretty decent ride on The Racer to cap off my visit to Kings Island over the weekend while in town for a football game. While it is nowhere near as smooth as Racer 75 (my favorite of the Paramount out-and-backs), I've found riding middle seat, very back car can help smooth out the ride, providing sensible airtime and not too much jostling in the bottom of drops. Also gave a peak of Orion construction progress, which led me to realize that blue train side will provide a great view of Orion's first drop.