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Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster


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Twenty minutes, plus five minutes because they start late, then the 25 minutes of fluff, and then another five minutes to tease the ride, and THEN they'll finally announce it :p


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Ok Sorry i deleted everything

300 ft drop
91 mph
5321 ft long
8 hills
Tallest Fastest Longest at kings island
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The ONLY reason KI's calling it a giga is because it has a 300ft drop. Even then, could we still call it a giga?

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The drop is 300 feet, so it qualifies as a giga...but just barely.

My initial impression is that I am totally underwhelmed by this. I was hoping the announcement would show some vigor but it appears to be Raging Bull XL. I'm hoping the ride ends up exhibiting some physics trickery but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Also...Kings Island failed to go live on their stream and it took them 25 minutes to launch their microsite. Not a good look at all.

Finally...because @Hyde requested: "Where is your god now?"


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So they have refined the giga (where drop or hill is 300 ft)? Whatever,1st hill is massive and track on its side 🤩