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Kings Island coaster burns to the ground!


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What's your count up to now? Three? Thunderbolt isn't confirmed yet, Stinger is borked completely, and now FoF sets itself on fire.

On another note this isn't the first time a Cedar Fair coaster set itself on fire, in fact Mean Streak did it twice a few years back.


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This would happen to me to the point that I'm not even surprised anymore. I'm going to the park with school friends tomorrow and Thursday. Yay, luck! :/


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Nooooooooooooooooooo! Was looking forward to riding this after the Dominion one being good, Joey said this is the better version too :(

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This looks to spite me as well, since I'm heading there next week too. And I haven't ridden this or any of it's clones yet, either. Bummer.


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What's all this talk of getting spited? Did anyone even bother to read the news article Darren posted the link to?
The indoor roller coaster was cleared to reopen Tuesday by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the state department that oversees amusement park ride safety.


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I was there today and it was up and running as per the article! Still smells like an electrical fire in the spaghetti bowl and unload station but it was pretty faint. But I can confirm it is open and just as awesome as ever! No spites here!


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I was at the park yesterday, and Kings Island now operates two cooling fans that are trained on the launch run. A propped open door also provides ventilation.

On the upside, they also updated the TVs in the queue line for the pre-show this year. Flight of Fear still remains the seemingly last thing to be messed around with from the Paramount days.