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Brits visiting Orlando – 4.5m/year , why not keep some of this spending in the UK?
What a stupid point to make. I understand about them wanting to start make people tay at home and spend on the UK tourism, but not a lot of families, or anyone for that matter visit Florida for one park, one waterpark and a bunch of shops/cinemas.


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^Agreed, they're not really comparable entities. I could understand it if they were talking about the number of Southerners that travel to Alton Towers or something, but to think it will stop people going to Orlando is crazy.



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Orlando - Disney/Universal/Busch/Seaworld/Hot Sunny Weather
Gravesend - Paramount/Unpredictable dodgy weather...

Yeah... that does it for me... im gonna spend my holiday in Gravesend... Give me strength.

How can you compare what is going to be a 2/3 day (at most) trip to a whole 2 week holiday? [will]Silly man is silly! [/will]

From what I read in the news the other day and reports I have seen on TV, they are going to be looking at a massive amount of work around the Dartford and Purfleet area, with improvements of the current pinch points and the potential of a new crossing. At one point they were even looking at a third tunnel. However, it was noted they are always looking at expansion of the Dartford Crossing and many plans get made and scrapped.

It would be nice IF this happened, but I will wait and see. I certainly wont want to be all negative about it, but its very hard to seem positive about a project that is just another in a long list of projects from Paramount that still haven't been done.


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As much as I want it to happen, it seems unlikely it will. There is just so much involved with a project this big, literally anything could go wrong.

Though I must stress, this is not a paramount project. Paramount are not funding it, nor are they managing it. London Resort Holdings are. Paramount are merely giving the park owners rights to their long library of films and giving the park a form of identity.
In other words, you can't compare this project to other Paramount projects because they are not the ones managing it.


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^ Well, you absolutely can compare it to other Paramount projects because the funding/licensing is exactly the same. Plus, they haven't materialised either.


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^True but London Resort Holdings are not responsible for the other Paramount parks. So while I see what you are saying, I still don't see that as a reason why the park wouldn't materialize.

If all Paramount parks/projects were being funded and managed by the same company, then fair enough but seeing as they are not, some projects may have a better chance of getting established than others.
It really does depend on how accessible the funding is and how good the management are at persuading companies that this is a viable proposition etc.

They could have got the license off of someone like Disney or Universal. The situation would still be the same. Being licensed under Paramount doesn't automatically mean it will fail like others have.


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This park is pretty close to me so every now and again I like to have a look to see if theres any more news. Since the actual announcement its been pretty quiet, however today....

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... olony.html

So there are now plans to include a wildlife park in the resort.

Yea its the Daily Fail but its nice to hear something about this park.


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These are the same problems Disney was having when they looked at Rainham.

Marshes and rare birds, plants and other animals.

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Gotta protect our Dartford Warbler ;p
I'm backing it - it might increase the price of my parent's house in Gravesend! Can't imagine a water park being too successful here though!


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Haha, sounds like if the park is built we could be seeing a Mission Impossible version of Magma :p

Funny how the article also talks about the Spanish park too, because that is totally happening *rolls eyes*

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Since my return route passes through Ebbsfleet international from university, I decided to visit the site as I had finished early. I wasn't expecting much but it was nice to see the scale of the land. All I can say is that it was huge (and hilly)! I took some images of the site.


The tallest electric pylon I have ever seen.


Dartford crossing from the site.




and more land.


I remembered seeing this image on the spider article (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... olony.html) and I remembered the curved electric pylon to the left of the guy. I saw it on site so I took a image of it (image below this one).



That's all the images I could take as the size of the site was to big for me to go around, and my phone was low on battery.

Also before I forget. While I was there, I saw a digger doing some work on the site on some land that was flat and neat compared to the rest of the site. Nearby there was some work happening beside the road like a entrance of some sort. I wonder if they will lay the first foundation stone just like in Murcia, with a ceremony.


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Wow, construction is really starting to pick up pace now. Hopefully creds will start popping up soon!