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It's strange describing it as "losses" like that - obviously the company won't have any revenue until the park opens
Keep dreaming, sweetie. People will continue to "start this again" until goons stop thinking this is gonna happen ;)


8 years, and still no planning application.
the fact they've got a residual land value suggests they could be close. You don't put a figure down for the land until you've got all your other costs and paperwork lined up. Hopefully there is good news there. Obviously I am being wildly optimistic after this projects track record but am keen to do an old 'wait and see' on it one more time.


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I'm hoping this is just not a local leisure mall, I believe in the project and have hope that it will become the best theme park in the UK (proper theme park), fingers crossed for this, had faith in this project since day one so hope it isn't a disappointment!