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It's Coming Home (Euro 2020)


Strata Poster
Italy were the better side, although it was closer than I was expecting.

BUT - surely that tackle in extra time should have been reviewed by VAR?? FAR lesser tackles than that got a straight red throughout the tournament!


Hyper Poster
Yeah there were no fewer than 3 challenges where Italy were extremely fortunate not to have a man sent off; Chiellini was lucky not to be arrested on the spot for hauling Saka to the ground by his neck. I really do think all 3 should have at least been looked at by VAR. Granted Walker got away with one on Chiesa.

I'm gutted, but we have the World Cup just 16 months away, and only 3 years until the next Euros, and this young team is only going to get better. For the first time in my lifetime England are a genuine force in World football, so there are a lot of positives to take.


Giga Poster