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Is Millenium force really overrated?

Is milly really overrated?

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Alex B

im sorry if there is someone else who posted this before because I couldn’t find anybody who did but everybody is saying it’s so overrated and it’s making it so you think it’s not gonna be good even though from what I’ve heard it’s a good ride.so because everybody calls it overrated does that make it underrated if people call the first giga overrated?!? I’ll stop blabbing just tell me what you think in the comments if you’d like


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I mean.. yes and no?

It's not a world beater but far from a bad ride. I enjoy it every time I ride it.


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It's not a world beater but far from a bad ride. I enjoy it every time I ride it.
Admittedly only done it three times, but I'd say the same thing. It's not in my Top 20 (would make it into Top 30/40 if I did that far), but it's a hugely enjoyable ride. Gives an immense feeling of speed which is almost unrivalled, and the drop and hills are massive. I like it, but it's not incredible.


If anything, I find Millennium Force to be underrated! I came in expecting what many had groaned about - lack of force and airtime, among other things - and got exactly that on my first ride, where I sat in the back row, along with a very noticeable rattle. However, I took a second lap at nightfall towards the front, and that's where my opinion completely changed. There was hardly a rattle at all, and the airtime somehow was so much stronger in the front than it was in the back! I think Millennium Force might not be on the same top-10 level that Fury 325 and Intimidator 305 are for me, but it's still not very far behind (it's in my top 15 or so).


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Back a few years ago when everyone raved about it and had it in their top 10, yes I would say yes it's very over rated. It also doesn't deserve the awards it got in recent years; however now I feel like everyone has jumped on the "hate Millennium Force" bandwagon and I don't think it deserves all the hate either. It's a solid ride but not a chart topper and I think that is the general consensus amongst the enthusiast community now anyway.