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Info on this coaster?


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Pinfari if I'm not mistaken. May be Pax though...
Those restraints just look vile.

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I really don't think it's Pinfari at all. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they haven't built anything new for years (gone bust now?) and since this coaster opened in 2010, it wouldn't make sense. Plus, that loop doesn't look very "Pinfari" to me either.

Isn't the guy from Pinfari designing for someone else now though?

I doesn't look very "Pax" either to be honest; the layout looks a bit too simple for them.


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Social Media Team
Yeah, it's not a Pinfari. Just look at it. Not a Pinfari.

I'd take a stab at Pax to be honest. It just... looks like one. There's not that much overly consistent about Pax coasters, but, they just... look like Paxs? And this does too.

It looks horrific as well.


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I rode one of these in Kiev, Ukraine last year:


RCDB said:
While is roller coaster has many similarities to a PAX built roller coaster, it is not a PAX product. The PAX company suggests it may be by a company known as "Analog".

So, some dodgy eastern european company.



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^ They don't have an entry on RCDB or anything, so they probably don't do much (if they haven't gone bust already).

I think they've just made a few of these vile loopers. Although, their creds are all in quite obscure places so there could be a few out there we don't know about...

Edit - UGH, why are so many posts getting spited? I just look like an idiot now...