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If You Was To Buy a Woodie...

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If you were a park owner and had the opportunity to buy a wooden roller coaster, what manufacturer would you pick and why?

The technology of wooden coasters have greatly improved over the past few years and there are a few key players that make it extremely hard to chose from, to create the final product.

For me, its between:

Great Coasters International, Intamin and Rocky Mountain, but I think if I was to chose a company to produce the final product, it would have to be GCI. I'm a sucker for traditional wooden coasters and they are the closest things to them. Even though they are considered to be fairly smooth in it wooden coaster class, they still ride like they're really going for it.


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Sorry. LOL LOL LOL! :p

GCI I think can vary a lot, so I'm not actually so sure. I haven't been on many other makes though (no GG or Rocky Mountain) so I can't really comment.

For looks GCI, but for quality and "enforced fun" - Intamin.


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Re: RE: If You Was To Buy a Woodie...

I'd go with RMC. The possibilities are endless and they just look fantastic. Also they are quite fun.


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Would have to be Intamin for me. Colossos is not only one of the best wooden roller coasters I have been on but one of the very best coasters that I have ever been on, it was truly amazing.

Although I understand it may not be the 'true' wooden roller coaster experience, I'm not sure I care that much when its that good!

Also I think the only GCI wooden coaster I have been on is Gwazi and I believe that may not be a fair representation of their coasters as that coaster is god awful :lol:


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Roller Coaster Corporation of America.

Son of Beast. Rattler. The Bandit. White Canyon. Coaster Express. Magnus Collosus. All made by RCCA, and all consistently in the bottom 10 of Mitch Hawker (http://www.ushsho.com/woodpoll20yeartable2013.htm). It really is a gift to be able to produce so much crap.