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Ice rooms in theme parks

It might not be in the right topic for this thread, so feel free to move it if necessary. I seem to remember seeing "ice rooms" featured in some vlogs, but I can't remember for the life of me which parks they were in. Which parks do you know of that have ice rooms? And which is your favourite that you have done?

For those that are unaware, these are just rooms or walkthrough attractions that are kept at a really low temperature throughout the day. They just give guests a chance to get out the sun and cool off on hot days. I think they're more common in hotter/humid countries, but that's just because I don't think I've seen any at the European parks I've visited.


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There used to be one in Star City, Manila. I'm assuming it got spited in the fire along with everything else...

It was actually rather entertaining. A welcome break from Philippine weather, and the ice slide thing was bone-breaking-ly boisterous (it was awesome). They had some reasonably decent ice versions of the top 10/20 tallest buildings in the world or something, if I remember correctly.

Only one I've seen or done, mind.
I hope not! That sounds awesome! I knew that some of these would probably be hidden gems, but you just never hear about them.

I wonder if there are any others with ice slides knocking about?


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I wonder if there are any others with ice slides knocking about?

The Karls park just outside Berlin has an Ice Kingdom with loads of ice statues, a bar and some ice slides.

It's not designed as an ice room in the sense of it's main purpose is to simply cool off, so I guess it doesn't really fit into this thread, but it's another little gem at that place and deserves a mention imo!


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Yeah, thought so! Which parks have you seen them in?

Parque Espana (was an upcharge)....


and a crappy one at Hirakata Park are the only ones I've been in (I think?).


Seen that sort of thing at a few tourist spots too - like on the Vegas strip - themed to an Ice Bar, but never bothered.
Parque Espana is the only one I have seen, but let me tell you it was absolutely glorious and relieving to go into it since we visited when the weather was quite toasty!


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Secretly The Best Theme Park in The World (AKA Karls Erlebnisdorf Berlin) has a whole ice world! With slides! And ice vehicles you can climb in! You have to wear a cloak to go in and it's very magical ?

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@jayjay Me and @Mysterious Sue in our cloaks w/ some ice dragons

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Note the ice cred in the top right corner

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Argh, isn't it beautiful!
That looks incredible! Onto the list it goes.