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How many defunct roller coasters have you ridden?


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Since I would like to get to know some of you, I would begin with how many defunct coasters that you have ridden.

Here is my list of the defunct coasters that I rode.

Defunct coasters ridden: 5

Cedar Point
Disaster Transport

Six Flags Great America
Iron Wolf
Ragin' Cajun

Old Town
Dragon Wagon


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

I've had a quick look through RCDB at the coasters defunct in the UK, there are about 8 that jump out at me but without carefully cross-refrencing all 600+ of my coasters, it's hard to put an exact number on it.

At a guess I'd estimate that between 5-10% of my coaster count are defunct coasters.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

I'm pretty sure for me it's just the spinning mouse thing that was on South pier in Blackpool.

I have ridden windstorm and the big Apple at Old Town but I believe those have just been relocated rather than scrapped.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

Just Disaster Transport for me.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

Corkscrew, AT
Super Dragon, Drayton
Big Apple, PBB
Circus Clown, PBB
Family Ride, New Brighton

I think that's it, anyway.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

Corkscrew, AT
Python, BGT
Clown Coaster, Chessington (?)

And if we're including SBNO (with pretty much guaranteed closure for good) then Gwazi Lion and Tiger. I think that's it. I haven't counted relocations otherwise black hole and a couple of others would be on there too.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

I can name a few defunct manufacturers if that helps?

Martyn B

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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

I think Corkscrew at Alton is only one on my count that has been destroyed.

Though I guess Gwazi will soon be joining that.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

Dragon Ride - Needles Park
Rollercoaster - Peter Pan's Amusement Park
Both sides of Gwazi

So four.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

^ooooh oh oh oh yes, Gwazi, but just the one side for me #Spite.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

Uh, my defunct/SBNO (lists <3)
Although it was kinda depressing seeing how many I've ridden are gone now. (but the Python Pit parade is amusing)

1 Super Wirbel - Holiday Park
2 Família Expressz - Vidámpark
3 Looping Star - Vidámpark
4 Kukomotív - Vidámpark
5 Dragon - TusenFryd
6 Tren Bravo - Terra Mítica (right side)
7 Montaña Rusa - Tibidabo
8 Cirkusexpressen - Liseberg
9 Beastie - Alton Towers
10 Corkscrew - Alton Towers
11 Caterpillar Capers - Camelot
12 Whirlwind - Camelot
13 Junior Dragon Coaster - Camelot
14 Gauntlet - Camelot
15 Dragon Flyer - Camelot
16 Mega Blitz - Coney Beach
17 Super Dragon - Drayton Manor
18 Corkscrew - Flamingo Land
19 Wild Mouse - Flamingo Land
20 Grizzly Bear - Lightwater
21 Caterpillar - Lightwater
22 Jungle Coaster - Legoland Windsor
23 Crazy Mouse - South Pier
24 Space Invader 2 - Blackpool
25 Circus Clown - Blackpool
26 King Solomon's Mines - Southport
27 Cyclone - Southport
28 Big Apple - Southport
29 SkyRider - Canada's Wonderland
30 Toronto Island Monster - Centreville Amusement Park
31 Tree Top Racers - Adventure City
32 Déjà Vu - Six Flags Magic Mountain
33/34 Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain (both sides)
35 Mad Mouse - Quassy
36 Starliner - Cypress Gardens (legoland)
37 Galaxy Spin - Cypress Gardens (legoland)
38 Fiesta Express -Cypress Gardens (legoland) (500th coaster)
39 Dragon Wagon - King Richard's Park
40 Kiddie Coaster - Fun Spot America
41 Python - Busch Gardens Tampa
42/43 Gwazi - Busch Gardens Tampa (both sides)
44 Dania Beach Hurricane - Boomers
45 Windstorm - Old Town
46 Wacky Worm - Old Town
47 Dragon Wagon - Old Town
48 Gold Rush - Wild Adventures
49 Fiesta Express - Wild Adventures
50 Ridgeline Racer - American Adventures
51 Rexo Coaster - Go Bonkers Now
52 Ragin' Cajun - Six Flags Great America
53 Iron Wolf - Six Flags Great America
54 Déjà Vu - Six Flags Great America
55 Galaxi - Indiana Beach
56 Vampire - Kentucky Kingdom
57/58 Twisted Twins - Kentucky Kingdom (both sides)
59 T2 - Kentucky Kingdom
60 Road Runner Express - Kentucky Kingdom
61 Greezed Lightnin' - Kentucky Kingdom
62 Chang - Kentucky Kingdom
63 Galaxi - Funtown Splashtown
64 Go Gator - Palace Playland
65 Flitzer - York's Wild Kingdom
66 Python Pit - Jeepers (Rockville)
67 Python Pit - Jeepers (Parkville)
68 Python Pit - Jeepers (Greenbelt)
69 Python Pit - Jeepers (Methuen)
70 Python Pit - Jeepers (Albany)
71 Python Pit - Jeepers (West Nyack)
72 Python Pit - Jeepers (Concord)
73 Two-Face: The Flip Side - Six Flags America
74 Toboggan - Trimper's Rides
75 Orient Express - Pirate's Fun Park
76 Galaxi - Pirate's Fun Park
77 Flyer Comet - Whalom Park
78 Little Rickies Little Twister - Riverside
79 Black Widow - Riverside
80 Cyclone - Six Flags New England
81 Screaming Dragon - Como Town
82 Thunderbolt - Celebration City
83 Ozark Wildcat - Celebration City
84 Jack Rabbit - Celebration City
85 Dragon - Peter Piper Pizza (Las Vegas)
86 Speed - The Ride - Nascar Café (Las Vegas)
87 Rockin' Rider - Canobie Lake Park
88 Gold Rush Express - Six Gun City
89 Firefly Roller Coaster - Bensons
90 Chicken Express - High Hopes Orchard
91 Wild Mouse - Casino Pier
92 Star Jet - Casino Pier
93 Mighty Mouse - Funtown Pier
94 Looping Coaster - Funtown Pier
95 Funtown Family Coaster - Funtown Pier
96 Wacky Worm - Gillian's Wonderland Pier
97 Miner Mike - Gillian's Wonderland Pier
98 Sea Serpent - Playland's Castaway Cove
99 Wild Cat - Keansburg
100 Batman And Robin: The Chiller - Six Flags Great Adventure (Robin only)
101 Great American Scream Machine - Six Flags Great Adventure
102/103 Rolling Thunder - Six Flags Great Adventure (both sides)
104 Little Leaper - Steel Pier
105 Hurricane - Adventureland NY (200th coaster)
106 Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon - Great Escape
107 Roller Coaster - Hoffman's Playland
108 Midnight Express - Krazy City
109 Big Apple - Astroland
110 Dragon Wagon - Coney Island (there the summer between Astroland closing and Luna opening)
111 Thriller Coaster - Sports Plus Entertainment Center
112 Flying Super Saturator - Carowinds
113 Disaster Transport - Cedar Point
114 Wildcat - Cedar Point
115 X-Flight - Geauga Lake
116 Villain - Geauga Lake
117 Thunderhawk - Geauga Lake
118 Steel Venom - Geauga Lake
119 Raging Wolf Bobs - Geauga Lake
120 Head Spin - Geauga Lake
121 Double Loop - Geauga Lake
122 Dominator - Geauga Lake
123 Big Dipper - Geauga Lake
124 Beaver Land Mine Ride - Geauga Lake
125 Son Of Beast - Kings Island
126 Scooby's Ghoster Coaster - Kings Island
127 King Cobra - Kings Island
128 Boa Squeeze - Wonderpark (Cincinnati)
129 Laser - Dorney Park
130 Hercules - Dorney Park
131 Dragon Coaster - Dorney Park
132 Roller Soaker - Hersheypark
133 High Speed Thrill Coaster - Knoebels
134 Mad Mouse - Lakemont Park
135 Cyclone - Williams Grove
136 Wildcat - Williams Grove
137 Mad Mouse - Myrtle Beach Pavilion
138 Little Eagle - Myrtle Beach Pavilion
139 Hurricane - Myrtle Beach Pavilion
140 Time Machine - Freestyle Music Park
141 Soak'd - Freestyle Music Park
142 Round About - Freestyle Music Park
143 Iron Horse - Freestyle Music Park
144 Hang Ten - Freestyle Music Park
145 Zippin Pippin - Libertyland
146 Revolution - Libertyland
147 Dragon Wagon - Libertyland
148 Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
149 Wild Maus - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
150 Big Bad Wolf - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
151 HyperSonic XLC - Kings Dominion
152 Dive to Atlantis - Mt. Olympus
153 Opa - Mt. Olympus
154 Orient Express - Riverview Park
155 Mouse Coaster - Riverview Park
156 Galaxi - Riverview Park

damn, 156... But 4 of 5 are SBNO and likely to return into service (Kentucky Kingdom) and a good number of them have also been relocated elsewhere. Outside of mostly the woodies on my list, a lot have found new homes.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

I've never ridden a defunct roller coaster, I usually ride the ones that are operating. :p

Joking aside, though my count is low, I've ridden 2 coasters that are now defunct:
Keverbaan - Slagharen Edit: I should've done my research, it's relocated and SBNO, not defunct. (Thanks Gavin)
Tornado - Speelstad Oranje


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

Defunct isn't the same as relocated. Just saying.

Edward M

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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

I think you mean have.

My list is
Zoomerang @ Alabama Adventure, Original Texas Giant, Disaster Transport and one side of Gwazi.


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Re: How many defunct roller coasters has you ridden?

Off the top of my head.

Cedar Point:
Disaster Transport
*Mantis (Standup trains)

Kings Island:
Son of Beast

Geauga Lake:
Raging Wold Bobs
Big Dipper
Double Loop

Busch Gardens Tampa:
Gwazi(Both sides)

Six Flags Magic Mountain:
DeJa Vu

Six Flags Great America:

I'm sure there are more but I can't be bothered to look at my list haha


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I've included ones that are no longer at the park listed or have been given RMC's Iron Horse treatment.

ADVENTURE CITY (Anaheim, California):
Tree Top Racers
ADVENTURELAND (Farmingdale, Long Island):
ASTROLAND (Coney Island, New York):
Big Apple
BAGATELLE (Merlimont, France):
BEECH BEND (Bowling Green, Kentucky):
Looping Star
BOOMERS (Dania, Florida):
Dania Beach Hurricane
BUSCH GARDENS (Tampa, Florida):
BUSCH GARDENS (Williamsburg, Virginia):
Big Bad Wolf
CAMELOT THEME PARK (Chorley, Lancashire):
Dragon Flyer
CANADA'S WONDERLAND (Vaughan, Ontario):
CAROWINDS (Charlotte, North Carolina):
Flying Super Saturator
CASINO PIER (Seaside Heights, New Jersey):
Star Jet
Wild Mouse
CEDAR POINT (Sandusky, Ohio):
Disaster Transport
CYPRESS GARDENS (Winter Haven, Florida):
Fiesta Express
Galaxy Spin
DORNEY PARK (Allentown, Pennsylvania):
ESQUILANDIA (Guatemala City Zoo, Guatemala):
Vuelta al Mundo
FLAMINGO LAND (Malton, North Yorkshire):
FUNTOWN PIER (Seaside Park, New Jersey):
Funtown Family Coaster
Looping Coaster
Mighty Mouse
Eagles Life in the Fast Lane/Iron Horse
Led Zeppelin The Ride/Time Machine
Maximum RPM/Round About
Shake, Rattle & Rollercoaster/Hang Ten
Slippery When Wet/Soak'd
HEMISPHERE (San Antonio, Texas):
HERSHEYPARK (Hershey, Pennsylvania):
Roller Soaker
HOLIDAY PARK (Hassloch, Germany):
Super Wirbel
INDIANA BEACH (Monticello, Indiana):
KAROLINELUND (Aalborg, Denmark):
Looping TL 59
KEANSBURG (Keansburg, New Jersey):
Wild Cat
KIDDIE PARK (San Antonio, Texas):
Roller Coaster
KINGS ISLAND (Kings Mills, Ohio):
Son Of Beast
KNOEBELS (Elysburg, Pennsylvania):
High Speed Thrill Coaster
MAGIC HARBOR (Surfside Beach, South Carolina):
Black Witch
MAGIC SPRINGS (Hot Springs, Arkansas):
Twist 'n' Shout
MT. OLYMPUS (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin):
NASCAR CAFE (Las Vegas, Nevada):
Speed - The Ride
OLD TOWN (Kissimmee, Florida):
PAVILLION (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina):
Myrtle Turtle
SIX FLAGS AMERICA (Upper Marlboro, Maryland):
Two-Face The Flip Side
SIX FLAGS FIESTA TEXAS (San Antonio, Texas):
Batman And Robin The Chiller
Great American Scream Machine
Lightning Loops
Rolling Thunder
Sarajevo Bobsled
Ultra Twister
Iron Wolf
SIX FLAGS KENTUCKY KINGDOM (Louisville, Kentucky):
Road Runner Express
Greezed Lightnin'
SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND (Agawam, Massachusetts):
SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN (Valencia, California):
Déjà Vu
SOUTH OF THE BORDER (Dillon, South Carolina):
Pedro's Mouse
SUN FUN PARK (North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina):
These United States


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I'm not Counting Coasters (just Parks, where I'm at 108)

But at least GWAZI on Closing Day.

At Old Elitch Gardens I WALKED the old Woody until Security found me..

As I been 2007 at

Cedar Point

also like you

Disaster Transport



1986 or 1998 I been at

Six Flags Great America

so also Iron Wolf and Ragin' Cajun if it was still operating

In 2000 I been also in

Old Town, Kissimee

so also Dragon Wagon

Kings Island:
Son of Beast

At Holidaypark Hassloch (Germany) I've been on the very small wooden Wild Mouse that burned down a year later in 1978...


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Cedar Point:
Disaster Transport
Mantis (If we count the train conversion)

Dorney Park:
Lazer (now owned by a German fair company I believe?)

Kings Island:
Son of Beast

Geauga Lake:
Raging Wolf Bobs
Big Dipper
Double Loop

Nascar Cafe:
Speed - The Ride