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How Do You Prefer Listening To Music

How Do You Prefer Listening To Music?

  • Streaming

    Votes: 5 26.3%
  • Digital (offline collection)

    Votes: 6 31.6%
  • CD

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • Vinyl

    Votes: 2 10.5%
  • Radio

    Votes: 3 15.8%
  • Video/Youtube

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • Something else (casette, gramophone, laserdisc?)

    Votes: 1 5.3%

  • Total voters


Giga Poster
Question in the title. There's so many options: are you a beardy vinyl hipster? Prefer throwing on a random Spotify playlist? Got some wax cylinders from the 1920s? Albums, meticulously curated playlists or "shuffle, play all?"


Roller Poster
Tidal or Apple Music - both with student discounts. Tidal seems to have the edge on lossless quality. Might be wrong though (On their HiFi price bracket)

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Strata Poster
CD or vinyl would be best, but in the modern world, that's alas not practical.

I have a large iTunes library with over 6,000 offline tracks - but it's on an old PC that doesn't play nicely, so I either play that through my trusty old iPod (particularly in the car, where I do most of my listening) or through Spotify. Advantage of Spotify is being able to discover new things, plus it's linked with last.fm a bit better these days, so it updates my forum signature banner :)


Hyper Poster
I mostly work with an offline digital connection. It's so much more convenient that constantly searching for and swapping physical media.

For full albums, I tend to buy them on CD, and rip them to lossless audio. I then convert to lower bitrate lossy audio when exporting to my phone for listening when I'm out and about.

For individual tracks, I'll buy them as digital downloads for the convenience.

I find YouTube is great for finding new music, but when I find something that I like, I'll usually end up buying it.


Strata Poster
At home, vinyl all the way! I like physically owning a copy of albums that I like and spending time digging through the buckets at record shops. Also it's great to look at and the enjoy the artwork.

Out of the house and driving I use Spotify.


Giga Poster
All sorts. I'll use Spotify to listen to new music to decide whether I want to buy certain albums or not. If I like them I'll buy a physical copy - usually CDs as they take up less space and can be converted to a digital copy more easily, although I do like to buy vinyl. I'll then import them into my itunes library which I sync to my phone. I have a load of different playlists on my itunes library to suit all kinds of purposes, although if I'm feeling particularly daring I'll go for a shuffle of all tracks - wild I know!


Giga Poster
Blasting in my car on ungodly long road trips <3

I stream in my car/on vacation via a Spotify premium account, but I also have an MP3 player for things not on Spotify or for continuous play compilation albums. At home I left most of my CD's when I moved (only kept the absolute favorites) so I play music off my PC for the most part. My car still has a CD player and I keep maybe 10 albums in there in case my MP3 player dies or I don't wanna use Spotify. Although I have been using Spotify a lot more, more recently because its linked to my Last.FM account // audioscrobbler and I like keeping track. My current MP3 player doesn't sync with Last.FM but my old one (Zune) did.

I've got two vinyl albums... just because... stupid hipster... and one of them is still sealed in the packaging....
* https://www.discogs.com/Fall-Out-Boy-Take-This-To-Your-Grave/master/363547 *


Strata Poster
I have google music so I'll just pick an artist, hit station and go. Otherwise I listen to SiriusXM in the car. It's all streaming or live for me.

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Slut for Spinners
I pretty much exclusively listen via Spotify now unless I'm driving around home and listening to the radio. It's cheaper than purchasing CD's, which is what I did prior to 2011, and I have access to a vastly larger library than I did with CDs.


Hyper Poster
I tend to jump from Spotify to YouTube most of the time. If I'm sat with a coffee reading or doing some prolonged type of work then I'll stick on a few albums on Spotify, however I am also a cheap bastard and do like the convenience of YouTube for those moments where you are in the mood for a random song. Some vids on YT are pretty high quality considering the compression (obviously not 320 kbps, but still...).


Captain Basic
I've got a playlist on YouTube with an adblocker. It works well enough for me at the moment.

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Strata Poster
I'm still a cd fan at home - like the whole "select a disk, load and play" rigmarole, on the go I have my collectionm on mp3, but for new music - youtube/online is great!


Giga Poster
I listen to new music on Spotify (other streaming services are available) but like to curate an offline collection as well mostly so I can buy albums and support the artists I like. Also got a collection of CDs, mostly Christmas presents because I've never quite worked out how to accept music as a physical gift and I still like having a collection on the side. I basically just take the CD home, rip it and leave it on a shelf.


Roller Poster
Tidal streaming service as they have a half price student offer which includes their HiFi subscription which now includes master quality

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