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Lol well Last gig I went to was at the Roadhouse seein my mate's band which was wicked!!

as for proper proper bands n peeps, my best ever one was probably Pj and Duncan was I was teeeny!! was soo into them then and it was just awesome!! My chemical romance were also wicka, even tho I was too dehydrated and had to go drink water outta the loo tap lol!!! Then Daniel Bedingfield was a laugh cos we just pissed about singing!! Worst ones were steps (argh) and HIM argh they were awful lol!!! Hopin to go Global Gatherin this year too but only if Tiesto's there!! Been asked to go to Leeds but doubt I will as the dance tent doesn't seem to great reading past line ups lol!! Be betetr when I drive cos then I can just go random places rather than rely on peeps gettin me home in the early hours lol!!

haha forgot about proabbly the biggest and best one ever, party Buckingham Palace wherer I saw some proper legends which was the best day in my whoooole life!!!

omfg edit again lol;!! yeah saw mcfly in october too lol!! was freee!!


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I have never been to a "gig", I've been invited to loads of local ones but they just do not tickle my fancy in any way, shape or form. I've only ever been to Party In The Park a handful of times, that's the closest I've got. PITP was average, I only ever went to see a few of the people performing so naturally I had to sit through some awful acts live on stage. Avril Lavigne, Meatloaf and McFly stand out.


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Well, ive never really been to any big ones. I got dragged along to see wheatus (is that how its spelt?!) in carlisle on the last day of my GCSEs. I only knew the teenage dirtbag song and little respect so hmm yeah that was bad!.
Erm, Violent Delight aswell, they didnt really make it big although they did get their album out and got on kerrang and the bass player was fit and came to talk to me and got rid of my mate, he probably felt sorry for me though as I went through a fase of wearing these massive purple cord trousers, oh how I loved them trousers and because it was pouring down with rain, and the trousers were too long for me (I only have short legs!!) they were soaked up to the knees so I was freezing. Anyway that was at the bongo club for my 17th birthday and thats all ive been to although im supposedly getting dragged of to V by my mate for her 18th. So we will see, I doubt it though. :)


AeRo said:
furie said:
I'd have loved to have seen Jarre at Docklands AeRo, you swine! His shows look great, but unless you're there, you really are missing out.

Yeah, sponsored by the Daily Mirror and Mr Maxwell :shock:

The dvd Jarre in China comes pretty close to the 'being there' experience. Maybe no fireworks but all the rest is there, recored in DD and DTS 5.1 surround. It is worth a watch if you get the chance :rockout3:

First gig i ever went to was Jarre's Cronology tour in 94/95 at Manchester City ground


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^ I missed Chronology for some reason...first time he used the guitarist guy who looks like Brian May and plays the four seasons :p


oh how could i forget.. Rick Wakeman and the New NEW English rock ensamble... at the TamesideHippodrome, tiny venue, great music, Rick really showing off the music, great atmosphere. During hte encore taking a protable kayboard through the audience, sitting down next to folk to have a chat while playing... good fun.

Also at Tameside, 'Blaster' Bates on his farewell tour. to be fair Blaster IS 80 odd. For those that have never heard of him. Hes a chap who after the war, set up as a demolisher... and well he had many a story to tell after several years, and became an after dinner speaker, and on the pub scene. later on TV chat shows like Parkinson in the 70s...

Along with his 'practical' demonstrasions of turning water into guiness by way of showing that fuses burn under water....

To give you an idea of his kind of stories... heres one of his best loved ones... the Shower of *beep* over Cheshire. Its best heard, as its in broadest Lanky

I was approached by a gentleman with moleskin trousers on, with the crossed pockets, leaning well back on the pelvis. I'd never seen a bloke lean so far back without falling on his arse... and it suddenly occured to me... it was these crossed pockets... he'd obviously had no toys as a child!
"Here, young fella," he said, "I want a word with thee."
I said, "What is your trouble, Master?" (That's how they are, round our way.)
He said, "It's our septic tank. I've had a very nasty letter from the Council."

It was about twice the size of this room, and the top of it was like one of these horrible meringues gone wrong, with a six-inch crust on it. I prodded it with a stick, and the swine sneered at me: "Come any closer and I'll have yer."
My God!... it was my duty to destroy it.
So we got the big five-pound sticks of explosive, tied them on the end of the cord, and tossed one in.
Plunk, it up-ended, and a big green bubble come up and winked at me. And we heard the most evil chuckle as the swine swallowed it.
I'm sure it thought I was feeding it.

There were four and a half thousand tons of effluent, all of it got to go. We got all the ends together, bit of wire, bit of fuse, detonator. Then the man in the moleskins said: "What about him down there?"
There was a bloke down the field in a bit of hedge, brushing with a blunt hook.
I said: "He'll have to shift. He'll get the lot."
Twelve seconds later, four and a half thousand tons of effluent leapt into the air. It climbed into the sky and, at 300 feet, it mushroomed out, and a shaft of sunlight hit it. You could see all the colours of the starling's wing, the greens and the golds and the browns, light and dark, and a lot of bottle-green in it, a lot of pig-muck, very sour smell, especially when it's been in there for eighty-two years. Then it turned over like an avenging cumulus, and he fled down the field, like Sodom and Gomorrah, very like, and his face went "Ahhh!". And he tried to run.
You can't run at 35 miles an hour, with clogs on, in a ploughed field.
He'd only made four yards, and he was carrying 25 pounds on his boots then. Visibly falling, and the second time he came up he got a face full of ****e and a double hernia.
The main flight went hissing on its way, then it went to a grey fog and this thing wriggled and writhed on the ground and then rose up like a phoenix arising from the ashes.
The solids had mixed with the liquids and gone into a goo, so that when he lifted his arms... he had a pair of multi-coloured gossamer wings...


furie said:
Best gig I've ever been to was Pink Floyd down at Earls Court. It's the one that the Pulse Album was recordedc from. Awesome gig and it just went on and on and on, getting bigger and birghter and more spectacular all the time.

I hate you. I need to see Pink Floyd live.... I hope they tour soon.


If a recent interview with Gilmore is anything to go by, you might be waiting a while...

According to Pink Floyd fansite Brain-damage.co.uk, a fascinating new interview in well-respected Italian newspaper La Repubblica has David Gilmour talking bluntly about the rumoured future of Pink Floyd. "The band? It's over. Reunited because of the good cause, to get over the bad relationship, and not to have regrets. I think I've had enough. I am 60. I don't want to work much anymore. It's an important part of my life, I have had enormous satisfactions, but now it's enough. It's much more comfortable to work on my own. The issue about Roger is irrelevant, because even without him I don't want to go on as Pink Floyd. I'm happy with my life. Playing as Pink Floyd is a business too big for me now. When you move as a band, all is gigantic, the expectations are enormous, the pressures very high. We have been asked to play one hundred gigs! I am fine as I live now. It was fantastic but now I don't feel like any more."

To read the entire interview head to this location.

(Source: Bravewords.com)


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I've been to a fair few gigs...Not many big ones, more local.

Went to Oasis last year, Rosebowl in Southampton. Good show, pity about the violoence after.

Went to one of Elton John's Stadium tours (St.mary's), t'was brilliant, pity about lulu supporting.

And, In june I'm strapping on my best mullet and going to see Bon Jovi!


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Ok here goes. The Jolly jam jar (jean michelle jarre) concert in manchester was the europe in concert tour and I have the vid plus went to manchester, excellent show with all the images etc.

My favourite was leeds last year not only as maiden were headlining and as harvey said the best of theres yet, (and I have seen a few and love them all, except the dance of death tour as aidan was born the night i was meant to see it in manchester), but because it was really katie's first concert (and she hated me for not letting her have proplus) and also we took aidan who thouroughly enjoyed it until he fell asleep.

Pantera when they were at manchester apollo but unfortunately i could only get circle tickets, however so did all the headbangers and phil anselmo told the people on the floor to just watch us as we were all headbanging like nutters.

Alice cooper just after fistful of alice, complete nostalgia as so liong since last toured but then also his brutal planet tour as his stage illusions were great and for a magician i can't complain (but his last one was crap). Then download last year with slipknot and system of a down one after the other great.

Think that's enough for now.


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Have been to alot of "shows" as they call them here which are local bands that you haven't heard about. Some of them are:

Tourmaline-Best band around
Southcott- Great Band
The Consequence-Another great band
Hollywood Ave- Same deal
The Neighborhood- Starting to get to the lower tier of bands
Hootchie and the Go Get Ems- Ska band

And the bigger concerts that I've been to:

Skate and Surf 04'(Now Bamboozle)- Well, this was my first show and I was 14, a bit afraid of the pit and we had to leave early. When we got there the line was a few hours long to get in, so we jumped it and went right in, the place smelled like arse and wasn't the most pleasent place but was still amazing, unfortunately we had to leave early for my baseball game but we only missed Story of the Year.

Warped Tour 04'(Camden,NJ)- Won't get into detail, but this was everything skate and surf was plus a few bands.

Bamboozle 05'- Amazing, ton of bands, crazy pits

Warped Tour 05'- Featured some of my favorite bands and was absolutely crazy.

Never Sleep Again tour(Aiden, Bayside, Silverstein, and Hawthorne Heights)- Going to this show, I was a bit skeptical of the bands especially Bayside and Hawthorne Heights. A side note, 2 shows into the tour, Bayside was in a car accident and the Drummer John "Beatz" Holohan died, the bassist was injured and the other members of the band continued acousticly. Aiden lead the way with an energetic proformance followed by Bayside, which was so sad because the band was originally from NY and this was the first time they saw the bassist since the accident. After Bayside, Silverstein played and the pit was at least 1/3 of Nokia Theatre and was amazing, then the band I was sure would suck, Hawthorne Heights, and they played and were actually amazing, they played 3 songs from their new cd and it was great.


Wet Wet Wet erm about 4 times and one was at Alton Towers!
New Kids on the Block. TWICE! What was I thinking. :roll:
Monsters of Rock Donington 1991 and 1992. including bands like Black Crowes, Motley Crue, Skid Row, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, And the worst band I've ever seen live...............Metallica!
Should of gone Download 2003 but big no no due to morning sickness!
Download 2004 and 2005.
Leeds Festival 2005.
Him a few times. Very good live but loads of teeny boppers with no manners!
And last but definaetily not least My Chemical Romance! They are fantastic live, as Nads has already told you tehe. Told her to get a drink but did she listen :p Oh and Nadia I seem to remember You thought the Him gig was good, NOT brill but good!

Roll on April when I see Him Twice! 1st night with Katie and 2nd with Chaz. Then 11 days later MCR YIPPEE.

Think thats all Oh no wait I've seen Wildhearts too in about 1993ish.


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Oh, Triviums performance at Dowload 2005 stands out aswell, frankly, it was BAD ASS, the pits were AMAZING, they had an immense turn out for a band low down on the gig list, and the pits were mental! :)


I've been to quite a few... The best I have been to is definately Reel Big Fish at the reading hexagon.

The best couple of shows I have been to are: Reel big fish(obviously), The Aquabats, Jesse James.

I'm going to see Streetlight manifesto sometime aswell, and Less than Jake on 7th august :D .

I have also played at a couple, which is why i have been to quite a few at my age.

EDIT: SB, Hootchie and the Go get ems are amazing!


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Oooh, just remembered another, kinda impromptu one. Saw a band called The Fat Cats at Rach's college leavers ball in '04. They're a kinda jazz/punk/ska band, and are one of the funkiest things i've ever heard. It was made all the more cool by the fact that I wasn't even expecting a band, never mind one i'd never heard of that turned out to be that good. They're a mid-England group of guys, and they put on a hell of a great show, all in the name of fun.


SilverBullet said:
^WTF?!?! How did you hear them? Haha I'm like best friends with the lead singer, he's a cool cat.

My friend went to see them in america, and he video taped it, the quality of it wasn't too good (recording) but it was pretty cool.


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Well I havn't been to many, but the ones I have been to have been awesome!

The first one I went to was the Reading festival back in 2004. WOW, what a fantastic day. The line up was the best I have seen advertised, and it really didn't dissapoint. Me and all my mates (there was 6 of us) got Electric six's autograph, saw Blink 182 (wasn't able to get theres, needed some special ticket thing). We saw Alien Ant Farm, what a great performance, wow, not a great band, but fantastic live. Lots of small bands which I can't really remember, but were good. The Darkness played on the main stage, but we didn't care about them seeing as they were new then, didn't know who they were, were average, heard them as I was waiting for my mates to get back from the loo.

Bowling for soup were excellent, lol, it was great, they know how to please a crowd. We saw Electric Six perform, one of the best perfomrances that day. Me and one of my mates went into the mosh pit, what a mistake, it was mental, it was a bigger mosh pit than on the main stage! It does make you laugh though when everyone is chanting between songs "GAY BAR, GAY BAR!", classic.

Blink 182 were really good too, kind of got put off going near the front though as everyone was throwing bottles of piss into the mosh pit.

The main band playing though, which was definatly worth waiting for though was Linkin Park! Wow, what a performance.

The next gig I went too was Electric Six. Well they were good at Reading and had been a fan of their strange music since I heard Danger! High Voltage! It was great, small venue, loads of people, mainly bikers, which was scary. They all sort of stood near the back wacthing you, freaky. It was a great mosh pit though, the whole venue, lol, amazing, little kids moshing to Dance Commander is hilarious. And also once again we had the chanting for Gay Bar. The band supporting them were surprisingly good too.

The last gig I went to, which was great, was the Playstation 2 weekender at Thorpe Park. Razorlight, well, we didn't really care about them and Ian Brown was only really good music if you were on drugs. But Feeder were great, yeah they only played two songs, but it was definatly worth it. Got the lead singers autograph too as we watched them rehearse. I wonder if I will ever complete the video of that great day? LOL oh well, it was still cool watching the live programme that I taped on C4 of the day seeing me and the other CF members in the crowd.

The next gig I'm going to is the feeder gig that got cancelled which has been moved to next month, but i'm also hoping to get to some more gigs this year, also a small possibility of going to the Download festival as Prodigy are headlining.


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Peep said:
Ian Brown was only really good music if you were on drugs.

Nah, Ian Brown's superb! He just can't do live performances to save his life. I was going to go see him late last year, but seeing him live on TV put me off. His best of... cd has been raped since I got it though.


LOL Ive been to a grand total of TWO. Velvet Revolver In January 2004 (I think its 2004) and Seether in 2005 ( I cant remember month at all). Without doubt the best gig from those two was the smaller, cheaper and less famous band SEETHER!!! The atmosphere was electric from start to finish. Infact it was so good im going again on the 17th April to see them at the Barfly in Birmingham its going to be so great!!
Slightly off topic but on Dec 12th im going to see Iron Maiden supported by Trivium!!! That is going to be Amazing I already can't wait!!!