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Gatorcoaster (Velocicoaster Inspo)

Scott Lannigan

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So I've been working on this project for a while now and was building it before a lot of details such as the queue and surrounding areas was finished. Obviously as there are no dinosaurs in this game either, I thought I'd use the closest thing to that by sticking on some crocodiles around the first half.

I've seen a few recreations of VC on YouTube so thought I'd share my own on here.

I don't really plan on making any changes to this as I'm mainly focusing on the rest of the park now!

Let me know what you folks think :)

GC 1.pngGC 2.pngGC 3.pngGC 4.pngGC 5.png


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Awesome work @Scott Lannigan. Great detailing and the coaster looks very smooth, which is even more impressive using planet coaster! I have downloaded dinosaur tmk on steam, but they don't look great close, but it's something if you really want them, but it looks fantastic as it is.

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