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Flamingo Land | Sik | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster | 2022


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I'll be there tomorrow so I'll try my best to get a review post. If not, I can just send my video review over from the ride. It kinda makes me sad as well as excited. Because I've covered this project since the first rumour 2/3 years ago and to see the finished product will be scary and quite saddening as well as exciting.
That goes for every coaster project I suppose. But it just makes you excited for the next one.


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Flamingo Land does have that magical mix of excitement and depression for a new coaster though. You just know its not going to be kept clean and tidy and that it's gonna be a looooong time until the next one.

Being there today made me remember being 14 and at the park in like 2006, felt like it had a lot of future potential and promise which never came to fruition. A little sad.

Hopefully this new coaster gains them some attendance, it was pretty quiet today really. It has been opened at basically one of the worst times possible out of the parks control... last year was a bit more of a boom after covid restrictions relaxed, and now everyones having to watch their spending even more as costs skyrocket. :(
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Haha not sure on that one. I would really suggest someone maybe looks at where the cable goes underneath the queueline as someone posted a pic earlier - It looks like it would be pretty bad if a kid reached in and touched it when the lift was going!

BTW is that extremely loud clanging when the lift first starts pulling the train normal? Its deafening!

You would not believe the arguments I've had regarding the queue going over the winch rope, if I said it here it would be nothing but *****

The clanging is the anti rollbacks not lifting up properly as the magnet wheel isn't gripping on the curved part. We have an Intamin engineer coming for a checkup and to help out with the noisy bit.


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You would not believe the arguments I've had regarding the queue going over the winch rope, if I said it here it would be nothing but *****

I was genuinely amazed at that, Maybe its coming from working in such a safety orientated envionment where I can get a reprimand for not holding onto the stair rail with one hand whenever i walk up or down a level (Ships move, its actually a fairly common rule offshore)

Its not like that cable isn't bloody quick either. As the train goes up the lift hill that cable flys through that cable guideway at significant speed and would rip the skin off your hand if you were dumb enough to try and touch it. And its within really easy reach of a childs hand at the moment. Now quite why anyone would reach for it is beyond me but the the Douglas Adams (RIP) addage of "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.” springs to mind.

And it doesnt seem like a difficult fix either? A small covering over the guide way running from the fence 10ft along the cable. Or even just putting a board over the gaps in the railings at the points the cable crosses underneath so you cant reach through. Whats that? £100 max to possibly prevent a ridiculous million dollar lawsuit. Its a no brainer surely.

Anyway sorry for focusing so much on that. You guys have done a great job getting this ride running. Its a brilliant addition to the park and I've not been to an opening event that ran pretty much flawlessly. So props to you guys for that.


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Yeah it does seem like it would be such an easy fix as you say. Steel panel on the fence or over that bit of the cable. Wouldnt take much to make it unreachable.


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Went to the opening on Saturday, wasn’t planning to but FL randomly did an afternoon ticket for £10.
Felt slightly guilty for the people who’d paid the inflated gate price for the full day for all of about 10 seconds. 
If they actually did this a regular thing, I’d maybe consider paying up to £25 depending upon closing times. I only live 30mins from the park but never really go as, well its Flamingo Land, even if I was to overlook that, its really expensive and the scarce discounts are only ever the 3-for-2.

I felt sorry for the staff as Flamingo Land just struggles to cope as a professional theme park and doesn’t provide them with the necessary training, support and equipment to do their best.

I worked at FL back in the olden days of 2003, sadly I can see not much has improved for the staff who were all working hard and doing their best.

For example we got to Flip Flop just before the official main closing time of 5pm (the big 6 rides were open until 7pm) and the ride op was having to basically shout at anybody attempting to join the queue that the ride had closed and the people there were already in the queue. 

Just buy a chain or a piece of rope, or lets go crazy and install a gate! - so at least there’s a visual signal this is closed and avoids the unnecessary confrontations, how hard is it?

There was an issue with a height check on Velocity. Essentially the parents had a photo of small child on ride as they’d shouted loudly and been unpleasant to an earlier ride op, who’d let them ride to avoid the conflict. 
My heart goes out to the staff as I know exactly what its like to be in that position. When I went on to work for Tussauds (and later Merlin) we were given great training in having those difficult conversations, with effective ways to defuse conflict and keep everybody safe.

There was a lot of faff with loading Sik, they seemed to be mostly waiting for the train to park before they started loading the air gates, however sometimes they would load it whilst it was cycling. So not sure if it’s a safety thing, that they don’t want people in the air gates whilst the train comes in and parks?

It been the opening day there was a steady stream of influencer luvvies coming in from the exit side of the platform. Who were mostly being put in the back car, but seemingly could request an alternative row if they fancied it. 

There wasn’t great communication between each side of the platform of how many seats needed to be saved, or where on the train they needed to be saved, so 9/10 times the train was loaded short with empty rows left.

Which was causing visible frustration between the team members on the platform and usually resulted with a load of single riders being put in to fill the gaps.

Of course it’s the first day, I’m not having a dig at the staff, this beef is squarely at FL for not providing the right resources to support properly, for example some row numbers so the batcher could assign people down and fill the rows - I believe colossus even had a makeshift washing line with laminated numbers at one point, so it can be done Blue Peter style. 

Having said this the queue did move up surprisingly quickly with the single train and mild faffy operations, it seemed on average to be about half an hour from level with the vertical loop which is really not bad at all. 

The ride is okay. Inlines and lapbars are cool combination and there was so much mist, it was like been on an episode of Stars In Their Eyes .. tonight Matthew I’m going to be “Meat Processing Plant 2” 

A front row ride left us looking like participants of a wet t-shirt competition, I’m actually surprised Flamingo Land hasn’t tried to open a Hooters as it seems on brand for them.

So overall its fine, actually it might be good, just everything ‘Flamingo Land’ about it makes it frustrating and a chore to actually visit.
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I was kinda expecting the park staff to be on their best behaviour on a new rides opening day myself. I saw:

1. Kumali ride op sat on the airgates as the ride cycled - nobody near an E-Stop button or watching the ride cycle
2. Cliffhanger ride ops batching guests into that pre-ride area. Which is completely open on one side to the cycling ride - meaning anyone could just walk freely up to the tower as it launches/descends
3. Sik ride ops not batching people into the airgates most of the time - waiting until the train has stopped and unloaded before letting people move forward. They were also seating single riders before the main queue sometimes for some reason. Also saw them opening the exit to let a child through while the train was still moving into the station!
4. Lost River Ride ride ops vaping

Hate to be this guy but nothings changed in the last decade or more. Back when I used to get season passes I remember Kumali ride ops having cigs in the cabin. Agh.


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As a ride op myself some of these reports are making me angry. Wtf.

I visited with a friend who used to be a ride op at other parks and he was shocked at how bad it was, would be super easy for someone to get injured, especially a child; who are often left unattended to run about the park since the holiday park is all in one with the park now.


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Haha brilliant. Must be some very bored marketing people with lots of time on their hands to be doing stuff like that :p


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I mean, if it's even real, it probably takes 2 minutes to edit something like that. If you check the website I imagine it doesn't say anything related to Sik anyway.


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A quick review.

Presentation is alright actually with some nice landscaping and the ride looks great.

The ride itself is quick and mostly smooth but wasn't a fan of those rolls with a lap bar. Actually hurt quite a bit. The first half is excellent but didn't really like the 2nd half. Still it's a good ride for the park.

Also this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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Lift cable easily reached through a fence in the queue
It's been covered up now:-


EDIT:- It keeps defaulting to being on its side can a lovely mod please rotate it the right way up? Thanks xx


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Yay, glad to see the risk now prevented. I got banned from the Flamingo Land Crazy facebook group because Raymond just plain denied this issue existing. :)

Hope they've finished wiring the fire alarm up now too.


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Yay, glad to see the risk now prevented. I got banned from the Flamingo Land Crazy facebook group because Raymond just plain denied this issue existing. :)

Hope they've finished wiring the fire alarm up now too.
They have, I noticed. Didn't take any pics though.

Anyways, after my 10 rides on Sik today (across the whole train), I can honestly say that's the most intense coaster I've ever ridden, it really took a toll on me. I wanted to ride it more but I just couldn't, my thighs and stomach wouldn't allow it. It runs like a faster, better, slightly more refined version of Colossus, except for the quad heartline rolls which roll that fast it feels like Blue Fire's roll 4 times in a row (5 if we're counting the one before the station), and they literally make you feel like those water dummies from the first test run. Couple this with the thinnest lap bar I've ever seen on a thrill coaster and it made for what is in my opinion the most intense coaster in the UK. I've currently got it placed as my UK No. 6 and my No. 7 coaster overall, and in my opinion it's more than worth the visit to Flamingo Land to experience it, even if you've ridden Colossus (which honestly feels NOTHING like this). It's an incredible coaster but it's absolutely not for the faint of heart. It's surprisingly smooth too (except for the transitions in and out of the cobra roll where the train shakes badly for no apparent reason, but apart from that it's smooth as glass).

TLDR: Sik is imo the most intense coaster in the UK and it's definitely worth going out to experience it, regardless of what you think of the park it's at.