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Flamingo Land | Sik | Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster | 2022


Hyper Poster
A better view I took on Wednesday at their fireworks (which were surprisingly good considering you can get in after 4pm for £10 and see their halloween show):



Strata Poster
Repainting at a factory (or even at the park in a warehouse) doesn't involve working at height, however. A big obstacle for repainting any roller coaster is the fact you have to employ specialists who are able to carry out the paint job at height, usually during winter when conditions are more challenging.

It may well be cheaper to do that then send it to a factory (I've no idea), buy it's hardly the easier of the two options.


Hyper Poster
Perhaps it's a timing issue? It might be easier or cheaper to erect the ride now before the winter months, as opposed to delaying the build any longer. As long as they know they can get the appropriate contractors in to paint the ride at some point before the ride opens to the public, they can do that more or less at their leisure.

We also don't know what else they have planned in terms of trying to theme the area. Maybe they need to construct the coaster before they can start on some of the other construction work in the area, but painting the ride once it's standing can happen in parallel with other work in the area.


Hyper Poster
I love that some people actually think this is getting a repaint. Bless.
It all comes down to whether the current colour scheme is what they presented to the local planning authority. I suppose it's matte, non-reflective, and the current colour scheme may have been the one approved in the planning application. If that's the case, it won't need a re-paint. Otherwise, unless they've got the current colour scheme approved, they'll either be repainting it in approved colours, or be tearing it down when an enforcement notice gets served against the park.

I may not trust the park to do more than the bare minimum, but when the requirements are laid out in black and white for them, I fully expect them to comply. The park has been burned before with cliffhanger, so I don't see them making the same mistake twice.


Giga Poster
I was hoping it didn't get a re-paint.

When a coaster gets new paint it's never as vibrant as the colour it gets from the factory and it gets super ugly when the new paint flakes reveals the old colour underneath. It's not so bad if you paint the same coour as the original though I guess.. ALSO I cba with another grey or black new UK coaster.