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Flamingo Land 4th June


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My other half is a teacher but at a catholic school so they're one of the few schools who get 1 week at Easter, 2 weeks in May.

We decided to make the most of the majority of kids being back at school and the other half being off with a visit to Flamingo Land. We used a voucher recently published in the Daily Mirror, the voucher was a 2-4-1 but also included 2 meals for the x2 people which was either Fish & Chips, Burger & Chips or Veggie Burger & Chips. If you want to use the voucher it is valid until 17th July and can be claimed here... http://www.flamingoland.co.uk/voucher ... with the code MR2FOR114.

We got to the park and it was absolutely tanking down however the plus side was the car park was only two rows back and this was half an hour after opening.

We rode the Cycle Monorail and got soaked through, we then rode the Runaway Mine Train and got further soaked through - we saw someone with ponchos who advised us they were only £1.50 each so we visited the shop to get poncho'd up.


After this we headed over to Velocity - only I rode this as my partner isn't keen on rides much! I was literally the only one on the train. I love Velocity, not so much when the rain is pelting in my face though.

We then rode Navigator, some kids were sat facing the wrong way panicking how it locks, lol. We both went on this and after a while it got going and my partner was shouting "it's not funny, I don't like the wind, you know I don't like the wind!!" :? haha!

I then rode Hero. I had never rode this before or even seen it in action. It looked pretty funky. In summary though, it was the worst rollercoaster I've rode since Coaster Express. I just wanted it to end, I felt the whole experience was damage limitation.

After this I went to Cliffhanger which was actually running on shot AND drop - I got on and fastened in and it broke :( - we left and went on the gallopers for a couple rides then round to the Balloon Race ride.

Flamingo Land have recently opened up the area behind Cliffhanger which was previously exclusive to Holiday village guests. They have built a whole new bar and stage area called Riverside 1 which looks really impressive. A great move and can imagine the atmosphere being really nice on a sunny day.

After the balloons Cliffhanger was working again so I went on, its the first time I've been on since they added the ORP. A couple asian lads were next to me, their faces were hilarious.

We then went back to Burger bar near the entrance to claim our voucher. The Burger and chips are surprisingly presented quite nicely. The burger tasted cold however if you ate it out the bun, it was warm... the bun was so thick and over powering it took any taste away from it.

We had a quick walk through to catch the Bongo Warriors show, they were of course, amazing as always.

We then took a walk back through the splosh area, I went on Flip-Flop, this ride is better than I remembered. We then went on Zooom! quite a fun little ride but once it gets going it lands in the station which is disappointing.

We had a go on the Wagon Wheel, first time I've done this in years. we then did Dino Roller which is the first time I've done this coaster since I was about ten! After this we moved on to Twistosaurus, some great spinning on our circuit led to a really fun and giggly ride!

We then headed to Splash Battle and Lost River Ride, because we weren't wet enough already! A Couple soaked us while we were on the ride then they went on themselves, revenge was sweet.

We also did a bunch of other stuff including Voodoo and the train, along with the cool new Wallaby Walkway (you can walk in the enclosure with the wallabys!).

Great fun and such a massive improvement from previous years. The biggest improvement was the staff were interacting with us, chatting away and actually making the day more pleasurable instead of more burdenous for a change.

One thing that let it down slightly was the awful drainage in the park (Velocity's exit/entrance was ankle deep rain water!) - I also lol'd that they have put Rockin' Tug next to Hero and renamed it Vortex.

Ride Count;

Cycle Monorail x1
Runaway Mine Train x1
Velocity x1
Navigator x1
Hero x1
Cliffhanger x1
Balloon Race x1
Gallopers x2
Mumbo Jumbo x1
Voodoo x2
Daktari Express x1
Splash Battle x1
Flip Flop x1
Zooom! x1
Wagon Wheel x1
Twistosaurus x3
Lost River Ride x1
Dino Roller x1

Impressive count. We were only there 10.30am - 3.40pm.


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They have built a whole new bar and stage area called Riverside 1 which looks really impressive. A great move and can imagine the atmosphere being really nice on a sunny day.

Absolutely. Flamingoland clientèle mixed with alcohol was always delightful from what I can remember.


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I did exactly the same with my burger from there, bun was **** awful but the burger itself was ok. Chips were very good too.

I genuinely think that Splosh area might be one of the best themed 'areas' in the country, and if I'd got a bit more of my parents Northern roots I'd probably be able to enjoy it a lot more given each visit I've been it's already been raining and I don't fancy them.

No Kumali?


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^ It was closed for maintenance - must be some lengthy maintenance too as it was proper fenced off at the entrance and its still closed according to the website.

^^ I know what you mean, you've obviously dealt with it first hand too but this just seemed a bit more family friendly area with the stage - they're putting tribute acts e.t.c on throughout the summer too. They've got pitchers sports bar for the rabble.


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It was closed when I went too (end of April iirc), not a sign of any work taking place. Wonder if they're getting new trains ala JO?