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Flamingo Land 2nd August 2012


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Again, no pictures so if thats your bag I suggest finding another topic or looking at the CF Park Guide for Flamingo Land :)

As many of you know I love this park, I consider it my home park and many consider me a 'fanboy' of the park. Never before have I been so disappointed with a visit to a park.

We got there around 11ish and there was a bit of a queue going on for tickets. Flamingo Land used to be pretty tight on vouchers but quite recently there have been a lot of BOGOF's in the papers which seems to have been working.

This day was mainly for the kids (and for me to ride Pterodactyl) so not an exciting one I'm afraid.

First gripe is, 90% of the kids rides don't allow any adults on them, which is absolutely insane. They were quite happy for a 2 year old to sit on spinning teacups on their own without an adult which from a parenting point of view just seemed silly to me. Fortunately my neice and nephew were there who are five and six so I felt a bit more comfortable.

We went to see the Bongo Warriors. They did a hat show, where they juggled hats with each other along the heads and down the line e.t.c as well as their usual dances. BORING.

We had a walk through the zoo then went for some fish and chips. The chip shop had one polish bloke working in it, at 1.30pm on a busy August day. ONE PERSON.

I took Isabelle on the Mischief Mansion ride. So many of the 'animatronics' and figures just weren't working/switched on. Patched up tape over old parts instead of touching them up. Cars no longer spin to show you the relevant features. They've just let this die a slow death without any care whatsoever, so disappointing.

After this we rode Pterodactyl, the new Zamperla Vertical Swing. Really good ride, the ride area looks nice but I hope they expand it, having a jurassic theme next to a closed Junior Driving School just didn't seem right. There was still blokes working on the ride just behind the control booth (typical Northern 'its nice weather so I'll take my top off but still have my hard hat on' type workers).

We then went to the Splosh! zone and the HMS Bouncy for the kids before having another wander around the zoo.

The parks close time was 6.00pm however it was 5.15pm and shops were closing. It was becoming increasingly difficult to find somewhere to grab some food! The 'Old El Paso' shop was open however as we approached she said "WERE CLOSING" ... we said we only want some Nachos? "Oh I suppose I can do that for you?" oh you suppose do you? Sorry to be such an inconvenience to you love.

We tried to get some bites to eat from various other places for Isabelle to take in the car, and of the three shops we tried, none of them had any food left. I know they'll obviously want to cut waste down but it was only 5.15-5.30pm .... even the food kiosks on the exit plaza were sold out, the places they're most likely to sell **** loads to as people have to pass them?

Anyway, such a half-assed ran park nowaday and its clear to see why I haven't been on a theme park day for three years...


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Urgh that sounds like the Flamingoland I know. Staff just never seem to give a damn there </3

slappy mcguire

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I had much the same visit a week earlier. Went on a decent day and it just felt like nobody cared. The lad letting people on the Chairswinger in the Plaza looked all set to cry or go postal. This is why the park does not hit the stratosphere - there is simply no sense of being a corporate entity; 'you are the privileged one being there, so why should we bother' attitudes are what have left us with a handful of seaside parks since the mid nineties.

I went a few days later to LWV really not expecting much of a day, and had a corker. Staff it would appear, make all the difference.


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It's a real shame Flamingo Land is in such a state at the moment. They've never been big on customer service, but I always found them passable until last season.

After last year's CF Live, I was left with a strong negative impression of the place, and have no desire to return to the park any time soon. Operations were abysmal, and staff weren't just disinterested - some of them were downright offensive. They need to get a grip of the place, and soon.