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Fear at Avon Valley review (2015)


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Social Media Team
So the event opened last Friday, and that meant the mystery of #whatisthefourth was finally revealed... to people that went to the event!

The Fourth is a really impressive attraction, and completely unlike anything else we have in the UK. It's a really good mix of theatrics and intense jump scares, with a brilliant sound track as well!

I'm not saying any more about it than that, you'll have to go visit yourself if you want to find out for sure. The other three mazes remain frantic and intense, so it's a great night out this year.

Don't believe me, here's what ScareTour had to say about it - http://www.scaretouruk.com/review---fear-at-avon-valley1.html

Heading down with Jordan tonight so look out for a Cupcakes and Coasters review soon!


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I'm going with my girlfriend next week... I'm dreading it. :p

Any tips on which mazes to do first, how to make the most of the evening, etc? We're going on Saturday, so worried it might be quite busy.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
I would head straight to the Fourth - it’s probably the best maze there but also it’s tucked around the back a bit and isn’t getting queues until about 8pm usually (it’s got what I’ve dubbed ‘Swarm syndrome’).

Other than that Anarchy doesn’t usually have a queue and the other two will die out a bit later on.

Tbf let me see what I can do around getting you upgraded...