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Favourite first drop?


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^It used to be so much better, wish they never changed it.

Egf is still my favourite 1st drop when at the front followed by oz when at the front.


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marc said:
^It used to be so much better, wish they never changed it.

Agreed, but I didn't want to be a smug twat about having been on it when it was "really awesome" ;) :p


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I really like Chunt's for some reason. Afterthe top hat or whatever. Especially when your a shortie like me and the restraints barely fit :D


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Maverick's is still pretty high up there for me, just because of the sheer ejector when you get yanked out going beyond vertical. El Toro is obviously up there too because of the mental amount of ejector it has.


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I haven't ridden very many coasters, but I really liked the weird twist in the first drop on Renegade @ Valleyfair.


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It's either El Toro or T-Express for me I think. They're both pretty much the same: Toro's is bigger but T-Express is slightly steeper. The overall feeling on both is the same though.

Other contenders:

Katun - Best on an invert

Millennium Force - Fantastic opening to a decent enough coaster

Thunder Dolphin - Millennium Force but a bit smaller

X2 - Complete insanity really


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1. Ravine Flyer II - fantastic ejector, especially for a wooden with PTC.

2. Maverick - Great ejector, but a very quick pop.

3. Millennium Force - You can't argue with a near vertical 300 ft. drop.

4. Skyrush - Great ejector for a 200 ft. roller coaster - that cable lift is vicious, whipping trains over the top.

5. X2 - How do you think going into a 200 ft. drop completely backwards and rotating a quick 90 degrees to face the ground feels?


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SOB & Beast at Kings Island (Not ridden any huge woodies)
Colossos at Heide-Park Soltau (seeing those airtime hill infront of you when your at the top of the lift hill)
"MF" at Cedar Point (Due to the height as never been over 300ft high)


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X/X2 - completely insanely awesome as described countless times already in this topic

PMBO - I love the fact that you're pointing towards the sea, then suddenly whip round to the right. The feeling of impending death is great. Shame the rest of the ride is complete arse.

Oblivion - The pause and the tunnel are all what makes it. When I went this year it wasn't *quite* as awesome as I remembered it being though

Mumbo Jumbo - The only one for me that really feels genuinely beyond vertical. What?! *shifty eyes*


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My fave first drop is honestly is a tie for both wood and steel.

Aftershock, Zero-G Vertical Free-Fall!!!
Demon (SFGAm), Insanly intense, it gets steep and when you think you level out, you get even steeper!!

Tremors, Ejector Air
NM Rattler, Air than twisting!!!