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Bathtub Gin

Roller Poster
My only experience with new Vekoma is Energylandia's Formula. It looks pretty, rides smooth, but the ride itself was utterly forgettable. I don't know that I would attribute that solely to the restraint type. I'll take Ninja at SFOG, or for a more apples to apples comparison, Rock 'N Rollercoaster at WDW.

Still, happy that they've bounced back from their early 2000's troubles.


Theme Park Superhero
A third Vekoma Top Gun is now up and running, Glorious Orient Huai'an opened today.




Mega Poster
Looks fantastic. I hope every one of the head-banging original boomerangs in the world gets replaced with one of these. I presume at least Walibi Belgium will get one to keep up their shuttle coaster count.