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Bathtub Gin

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My only experience with new Vekoma is Energylandia's Formula. It looks pretty, rides smooth, but the ride itself was utterly forgettable. I don't know that I would attribute that solely to the restraint type. I'll take Ninja at SFOG, or for a more apples to apples comparison, Rock 'N Rollercoaster at WDW.

Still, happy that they've bounced back from their early 2000's troubles.


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A third Vekoma Top Gun is now up and running, Glorious Orient Huai'an opened today.




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Looks fantastic. I hope every one of the head-banging original boomerangs in the world gets replaced with one of these. I presume at least Walibi Belgium will get one to keep up their shuttle coaster count.


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A 2nd Fantawild park has now started construction in Huai'an. Not much info on what it will contain or the theme but a Vekoma Rebound Boomerang has started construction already. The original park at the site has a Vekoma Top Gun and a Rollerskater as well as a Chinese built wacky worm type ride.


Lori Marie Loud

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Meh theyre decent rides and a million times better than the old Boomerang, Skyloop combos they used to go for in their smaller parks.

Footers for a ride at Fantawild Shangqui is going in but its hard to see what layout it actually is. Its not a Space Warp or Top Gun. First guess is its another Renegate model like Taizhou but hard to tell right now.

View attachment 18057

Track for both this and the junior boomerang rebound model are on site
View attachment 18058
Going further on those footers: rough approximation of a few select elements.
backdrop2 (1).png
Looks like we've got with a bit of certainty a 180 degree banked curve and either an Immelmann or a Dive Loop.....Which doesn't add up to the Renegade layout.


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Here we finally have some (unfortunately slightly sped up) footage of Vekomas new Super Boomerang model testing at Fantawild Xuzhou in China.


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Here we finally have some (unfortunately slightly sped up) footage of Vekomas new Super Boomerang model testing at Fantawild Xuzhou in China.
And the opening day for this park has now been set as 18th July.


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POV for the super boomerang at Fantawild Xuzhou, honestly looks pretty sweet, especially for a shuttle coaster.


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Not the same feelings honestly. Looks serviceable but there's just something missing from it. Backwards POV those riders don't move an inch and don't look awfully bothered by what's going on either.

Very skeptical on it, I hope to be proven wrong