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Fantasy Island (UK) | Spinning Racer | Maurer Spinning Coaster | 2021


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I actually rather like Millennium coaster, so that goes some distance to making up for the fact that I really dislike driving to the East coast.
I also still need the stupid Cleethorpes & Mablethorpe creds, so can tie them together if I really fancy a lot of driving (or I do it after cheap Travelodges re-open!)


Mountain monkey
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...they're getting a Wacky Worm as well.

Don't get too excited, probably a relocation, but still :)

Good to see the park is retaining its spirit from the turn of the millennium.

Of course, back then they built one of the tallest full-circuit coasters Vekoma has ever made, and followed it up with what is still the second tallest full-circuit inverted coaster in the world. This year they are building a relocated Maurer spinner and a relocated Wacky Worm. But it's still two of the biggest coasters built in the UK in recent years, and I suppose that's what counts.


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I'm more excited by this than a croc tower... Looking forward to treating myself to a Skegness trip. sigh.

Matt N

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Is it known whether Spinning Racer is a temporary attraction, or will it be setting up shop at Fantasy Island for the long haul?


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The original announcement was for it to kind of be tempory to replace Ice Mountain at the moment, I presume they might have something more permanent in the pipeline. In the Mellors podcast series they are currently airing weekly, James said that they originally had other plans for Spinning Racer but due to covid and travel restrictions (I presume it was heading of to Saudi) they couldn't happen and there for sent it to FI for the season. Will be interesting to see if it does stay longer than this year though as personally off ride it looks nicer then looking at the back of a big bin bag.