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Chris Coasters

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I am a huge fantasy sports nut and am doing a Hockey League. I did it last year and this year its a keeper league. So if anyone is interested they will probably inherit a team from last year I would like to have 8 teams because we had 10 last year and two people didn't take it seriously so I don't want to give anyone a team of crap players. I need 4 more players because I already have 4. If a lot of people show interest I would love to start up a brand new CF Hockey League. I am a huge fan of yahoo and do all my drafts and teams on yahoo. If anyone would like to start up a new league or join my already existing keeper league feel free to post in this. To start a brand new Hockey League I would like to have 8-12 teams no more or no less. Thanks.


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How locked in is the draft time? I'll be traveling that day. I can always just set prerankings since i don't know hockey well. Or just let it do it for me. All I know is I want Selanne. Grew up 10 minutes from The Pond (it isn't the Honda Center, I refuse to call it that) and he's been my staple favorite player since the day he got there.