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Fanta Park Glorious Orient | Ningbo China | Theme Park


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This is mostly just a placeholder as construction starts on the 2nd park at Fantawild Ningbo.

However we do know some details for the park. The park will be the first to get a Vekoma (uhhh Sansei?) Top Gun Launched Coaster and will get a Family Boomerang coaster. This should compliment the M&V Wooden coaster and Vekoma Boomerang at the extant Oriental Heritage nicely. As an aside Fantawild Ganzhou has also just started construction and will also recieve the same 2 Vekoma ride designs I'll add a topic when theres an image to actually post. Current sat images from Jan just show mud.

The park is located next to Oriental Heritage just to the north. This Satellite image from the start of March shows some building work already happening but it's too early for coasters quiet yet.

More as and when it happens.


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Pokemaniac is correct. From memory the ride features a launch into a rather cool inverting tophat design and features a reverse sidewinder and 2 corkscrew inversions along with the hills, overbanks and dives we have seen on rides like Lech Coaster and the Space Warp Models. The ride is long enough to need an MCBR and one of the corkscrews passes over the launch. In theory it can be timed so the train passes over the launch just as a train accelerates down the launch track. But this is Fantawild so that will never happen.


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Well god knows whats going on with the above pictures of the track from RCD because clearly the original pic of the red track was right and the brown track is at another park...
Because.... one sec.... "GOOD LORD"

Edit - switched link to the twitter version as RCD seem to be having Facebook issues for some people at the moment
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That tophat...thing...has got to be the coolest element ever created on a roller coaster. I'm struggling to think of anything even remotely similar.


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I can't tell you how long I spent trying to get an element like that to work in NoLimits, so hats off to them because it looks cool as hell


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I think I'd take the Shockwave, Firestorm and Bermuda Blitz over the Top Gun personally but it nevertheless looks like a great ride!


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Looks fab. Ok this may sound dumb, but... Does anyone else think these new Vekoma launchers are shaped as though they were made in Newton 2? I know they weren't, but the roll/shaping is identical? The transitions, too. I dunno, it's weird.