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(Family) Suspended Coaster @ Slagharen


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That Gerst would be absolutely disgusting. I hate it.


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All of those options are weird.

A Vekoma SFC with a mini launch at the start?
A Premier inverted Boomerang?
A Gerstlauer high speed invert with a vertical lift?

Lol okay.

Watching that video, the SFC seemed like the one which would fit the park most. It's a suitable step between the park's existing coasters, albeit more on the tamer side.

The Premier also fits that bit I'd say. It has the extra quirk of going backwards, which also ups the thrill. I quite like the layout too, but it does feel like it goes on for quite a while (so could cause nausea with the backwards stuff)

The Gerstlauer one is definitely the most thrilling option, and I have a level of morbid curiosity about it. I'm not sure it's quite what Slagharen needs though; it comes across quite intimidating, when they need something a bit more approachable imo


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I think a family invert would be a great fit to Slagharen.

Vekoma model: it somehow looks odd with that pre-lifthill part on a coaster that is not even that big, but it could be fun ride.
Premier model: that little dip in the lifthill looks ridiculous. I do like the fact that there's a second lift before the return part. Some of the Vekoma boomerangs seem te be crawling over the course on their way back.
The Gerstlauer model: it just looks ridiculous... also vertical lifthills before a non-vertical drop just look stupid.

I'd say the Vekoma model is my favourite. The Premier model looks good too but I think it will have a bad throughput


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I hope the OTSR on Gerst and Premier are just limitations by the software...

Aside from that my five cent rating

  1. Gerst: Looks like a fun layout, maybe not suitable for very young riders
  2. Premiere: Good concept and I love shuttle coasters to begin with
  3. Vekoma: Looks rather uninteresting and the mid-course lift disrupts the rythm - they would have better pitched one of their standard family inverts...


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If they were going for thrill, then gerst best by far. But since they want a family coaster, premier most unique and fun looking but vekoma feels the most complete, despite having worst layout. Personally, I'd go premier but get the impression the park will go for vekoma


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I think that the Premier Rides looks the best overall as it looks fun but still suitable for younger children. I do think that it is weird that premier is building a family suspended boomerang as that is way out of their territory.


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I think that the Premier Rides looks the best overall as it looks fun but still suitable for younger children. I do think that it is weird that premier is building a family suspended boomerang as that is way out of their territory.
They did once fabricate an inverted coaster. However it ended up in pieces in the UAE and was never constructed.

However i agree. its a bit of a curveball but i reckon it looks like the best of the 3 when it comes to fitting this park. The Vekoma is a bit dull and the Gerst is too extreme. But i guess it all depends exactly what the brief was for the ride.


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I would probably not trust Premier with building anything besides a sitdown with an LSM launch. And besides, the layout looks pretty eh, just like an inverted version of a Vekoma family boomerang, whereas SFCs are actually pretty fun.


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I don't think I'd touch the Premier. Aside from having horrible capacity, Premier has never built a proper inverted coaster nor have they ever built a lift hill-based shuttle coaster. That is too many degrees of new for me. The Gerstlauer is certainly the most extreme, but is a bit weird. If they are going for a family coaster, that isn't it. The Vekoma seems like the clear winner to me.


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Disregarding the OTSRs in question, I'd still go with Vekoma.

An inverted Gerstlauer does not sound good. The only thing that model has over the other two is the more thrilling layout, but more intensity will likely mean less comfort, knowing Gerst.

The Premier looks fine. I don't really fancy a boomerang... I feel like at that point, just get Vekoma to do a family boomerang.

The Vekoma one also looks fine, and I do like the little launch at the start. But just knowing that Vekoma does a fine job with the SFCs, just go for that.


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Go for some Dutch pride and build the countries first SFC.

Premier I wouldn't trust and it looks nauseating.

The gerst just doesn't seem like a family ride with that random vertical lift. If it had a conventional lift it would be fine.


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Please NOT another shuttle coaster; that's my major dislike of Gold Rush and the throughput is offensive.

As much as I'd like to see them being a bit more experimental, I think the SFC is the safe bet and would also save me going back to a park that I have to say I didn't think very much of.

I don't hate the Gerst, but think the silly lift hill is massively unnecessary. I've been saying for years, just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD.


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If they'd tame down the Gerstlauer a bit, it would be the best by far (while I'd love to see it as it's been pitched). Without the taming, the SFC is best for the park.

Premier's just not fitting in any way. This long ass backwards ride will cause a lot of puking and scared parents to not want to ride that monstrosity.


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A environmental permit showing different phases has emerged for the new area. The new area has the working title Bandito Land. While this is only a draft and not final design, it shows what they hope to have in the new area, this includes the coaster, two flat rides, a playground and a phase 2 expansion area.

They are also looking at adding loads of holiday homes on there current campsite in the future.



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The new launched Gerst that just got built made me remember this one, did a simple search around the web and didn't see the anything, anyone here know an update on this coaster? Did they pick one?