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Europa Park | Voltron | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024


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True. Things are highly themed but increasinly less immersive...
Even the new Voltron coaster makes you see and feel to almost go outside of the park...
That's really the miracle how Phantasialand managed to go into the lead in terms of immersion despite a lot less resources in comparison to EP...


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Stall in the first half of the ride is going up... It's big!



Photos uploaded by Julian_EP over on Coasterfriends.


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Omg... YES!

This thing is going to be much bigger than I thought. That stall is quite tall.

I think with all of the animations etc., it's looked like it's just been a cutback style stall, but I'm so glad to see that it's a full on stall.


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They just showed a trailer for the entire layout during their press conference for this year's season start. The full POV will be released 11.30 on VeeJoy.

Edit: During the post press conference live stream Marx ruled out a soft opening in 2023. If everything goes as planned first test runs are expected to start around christmas.

Edit 2: Here it is:
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Wow, what a crazy layout… really throwing the kitchen sink at you there.

Looks like a mini Project Exodus at points (with its changing if directions) and then even the Smiler at times, with its looping. The turntable and swing launch section is unusual - will it be a welcome break, or will it kill momentum?

Hopefully, and I think it’s more likely, that the overall outcome feels like a well-packaged and well-paced ride, rather than a ‘needlessly busy’ one.


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The turntable and swing launch section is unusual - will it be a welcome break, or will it kill momentum?
I doubt it'll be a welcome break as those usually are a lot bigger, see below:

Interesting that there's another small launch between the non-inverting Immelmann and the stall. Counts as another block I assume which will mean each half is split into two blocks, nice.


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Actually looks more imposing than I'd previously imagined.

That last photo kinda reminds me of looking up at Helix.