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Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021


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I definitely think this will be better than at least a third of them, if not in the top half. It’s got a long layout with big elements and a fast paced second half, and it looks to have great forces.

Are you really trying to explain that to the guy named "Intamin fan"? 😅

Well, it actually depends. It's really hard to judge by POV. All I can say is that Lech Coaster is unexpectedly forceful. Also Benjamin Bloemendaal claims that his inspiration in his projects is Maverick. His work is a breath of fresh air, so literally anything can happen there.


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I'll admit to maybe being totally remiss in noticing this, but I hadn't really realised it was going to have a steampunk vibe to it.

No complaints, just... yeah.


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Idk but I am not enticed by the idea of an anemone churned up in a slushie machine

it's like KFC in australia advertises these milkshakes called "crushers" and all I can think of is blended chicken drink


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This was designed by Jora Vision isn't it?
I don't really like the execution. Love that they do theming. But the colours of the stones feel really weird. And the signs.
The Vekoma coaster and the area deserve a bit more, in my humble opinion.

I do know, theming cost a lot of money. So kudos for doing something.


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Anybody speak le polish? Any idea's/key points?
So he just walking around, talking about abyssus, that guy in helmet, who speak in Polish is from vekoma too ( he is the only Polish guy in vekoma) and he is checking levels and inequalities on the rollercoaster route. They are also in the heart of abyssus. Nothing new said there.
They make the last touches in the Aqualantis zone.