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Energylandia 10-Year Plan Predictions

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Right now, Energylandia is growing the park way too fast. I wonder that what if Energylandia needed to sell to the another theme park chain to help the park to slow down expanding the park. Here’s my 10-year plan for Energylandia:

2022 - Vekoma Mine Train
2023 - Sold to Meme World Parks & Resorts
2024 - Rebrand, retheme, and rename from Energylandia to Meme World Poland & Removal of Dragon Roller Coaster, Draken, Frida, Fruitti Loop Coaster, Happy Loops, Mars, Boomerang, WRC Dodgems, Crazy Clown, Treasure Island Boats, Space Gun, Space Booster, Aztec Swing and Tsunami Dropper
2025 - B&M Giga as Crab Rave the Ride, S&S Triple Towers (Space Shot, Turbo Drop and Spin Shot) as Star Trek Operation Towers, Zamperla Giga Discovery as Pandemonium, Setpoint Suspended Family cloned to Samba Gliders from Genting SkyWorlds as Henry Stickmin: Distracted!, HUSS Enterprise as South Park: Supercharged and Zamperla Booster as Grubhub Awkward Boosters
2026 - Super Nintendo World
2027 - Park Improvements & Removal of Circus Coaster
2028 - Larson Super Looper as The Coffin Dance & Intamin Tagada as Pepe’s Dank Party
2029 - Super Nintendo World expansion
2030 - RMC T-Rex as Ricardo’s Sexy Rythum
2031 - Dynamic SFX cloned to Alien Vs Predator from Genting SkyWorlds as Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

This is how that theme park chain slowed Energylandia down.


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What did I even just read... I am honestly surprised that this account is still able to create threads, with obvious meme and spam content like this.
No longer. Not for six months, at least. If they do the same when allowed back in October or so, we will make it permanent. They had received multiple warnings already. It should be no surprise that this was the final straw.
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