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As another fun example: Mia's Riding Adventure at Legoland doesn't have planning permission.

Because of its location and the fact it's technically a temporary structure that can be removed at any minute, it doesn't require any planning. If the council wish to, they can request it be dismantled pending acceptance of planning permission, but in practice they would never do that.

And technically speaking, Smiler at AT didn't need any planning permission except for the station building. They showed the route of the layout out of good faith I guess, but they didn't need to.

tl;Dr - there's plenty of parks that haven't submitted planning permission for rides.
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The fact still stands, ATI - how about just admitting that you were wrong and stop trying to prove people incorrect when you don't fully know not understand the industry. It's great to be enthusiastic and want to learn more, but when it comes off that you're acting like you know more than others, when in reality you don't, it's not cute.


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Here in Ireland, people are allowed to do a good bit of extension work to their houses without the need for planning permission.
So I'd imagine businesses are also allowed to build structures without permission.
It's usually an issue if it exceeds certsce heights or starts to obstruct views of neighbouring people, which doesn't seem the case for the kids coaster.


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Here's a cool opening day video of the coaster, including on/off-ride shots and a queue-line walk-through:-
Video by Eoin's World.

The ride looks to have a loose airport theme, but I like it. I think the park has a winner on their hands!