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Dubai Hills Mall | Storm | Intamin Indoor Launch Coaster | 2022


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This is an interesting one thats fallen under the radar a bit.
I was alerted to it orginally to my friend and fellow obscure stuff researcher Michael who does most of construction posts at Themeparx
It appears the currently under construction Dubai Hills Mall with have a decent sized indoor coaster attached to the side.

The page linked below has this concept art.
Dubai Hill2s.JPG

The mall is already well under way and i would assume the coaster will sit in that sort of circular impression in the sand to the eastern edge of the mall building
Dubai Hills.JPG

I did a little more research and dug up this discription from a contractors Linkedin Profile.

The Dubai Hills Indoor Coaster consists of an enclosed (approx.) 50m tall, 45m diameter tower facility connected to the Dubai Hills Mall. The facility includes a multi-vehicle coaster consisting of a 48m vertical launch and approximately 700m of track. The roller coaster cylindrical building is integrated with a two-story attraction fit out within the mall, comprising of additional amusement facilities, food and beverage, retail, ticketing and queueing.

So it sounds like a pretty substantial ride for a Mall coaster. Interested to see what pops up.


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That's a pretty big mall there!

Unfortunately, that might not be good news for the coaster. A couple of years ago, I read that Dubai was set to triple its retail floor space in a few years, but the amount of customers - or for that matter, tenants - isn't growing nearly as fast. A handful of other big malls (Meydan Mall, Dubai Creek Mall, Mall of Arabia) have already been postponed or cancelled because it doesn't make economic sense to complete them. Hopefully, this one will actually open and have enough customers to keep the coaster running. It might have a better location than the others, though, as there is a residential area around it.


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Im thinking a compact Premier like Deep Space / Flight of Fear / Yamaha Launch Coaster.


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Any updates at all on this Dave?
Hey, I live, literally, across the street. Here are a few pix that I snapped while walking my dog. Speculation is that the mall will open in October. The same month as Expo 2020, which was delayed due to Covid. Name is still a mystery.85A8694E-D6A9-47EC-BD34-A9B7486D3908.jpeg


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